by Theron K. Cal

I know they were just playing but there was something to it even though it was billed as all in good fun. On a recent episode of MSNBC’s The Cycle Joy Ann Reid and Krystal Ball squared off in what Host Toure’ playfully called the “Race Draft”.

The game was first introduced as a recurring skit on the Dave Chappelle Show  and has been used by not so funny comedians ever since as a referendum on who’s black enough and who isn’t.

Reid first picked billionaire Warren Buffet, then she quickly selected billionaire George Soros then billionaire Michael Bloomberg and you get the idea.

Reid’s assertion?  Wealth in the black community or lack thereof is the problem and if we had a few more White Magic Johnson’s and Oprah’s we’d be all singin’ we’re in the money. Not so fast.

Vinnie Johnson

Vinnie Johnson

I remember we were watching the Sonics game and Ray’s mother remarked, “Ewgh he ugggly”. We said, he’s the microwave, Vinnie Johnson, he’s a millionaire. She said, “I don’t care, even his money’s ugly.”

That brings me to my point, how many Whites would think Warren Buffett or George Soros'(Soros not Clooney’s) money would be ugly?

How much of the allure of white money is the benefits of that money and how much of it is, its attachment to white men who ninety-percent of blacks think are superior?

The problem with the fantasy of billionaire whites helping blacks with all their money is just that, a fantasy because whites don’t pool their wealth together because they’re white, they do so because they don’t hate their white race and culture and think of themselves as inferior.

Many years from now one of the greatest quotes of Lupita Real Sista'the 21st Century will be Lupita Nyongo’s famous line about the allure of hating her dark skin; “The seduction of inadequacy” that defines so much of our black race and culture.

Indeed if so many of us didn’t think a black man’s money was ugly then we wouldn’t need Soros and Buffett’s money we’d have Tyler Perry’s and Spike Lee’s.

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