RBR Network Announces: #Donate 8 Initiative



Real Brother Radio Network                            For Immediate Release: 5/22/ 2015

                                                                       Contact: Theron K. Cal


We are proud to announce our #Donate8 initiative where we ask the 10% of Blacks and .1% of Whites & Asians who embrace the Black Race & Culture and reject the MYTH of White Supremacy to join with us.

We’re building the world’s first Multi-Media Platform dedicated to THE TRUTH, “Because The Truth Has Value”.

We’re asking supporters of a merit based society and true Democracy to donate in dominations of “8” ie $8, $80, $800, $8,000 etc. Funds will be used to fund our offices and staff  bureaus in the United States, Canada, London, Africa & the Caribbean.

The TRUTH is not as much to be told as to be discovered.  Together we can solve our problems by simply discovering and then disseminating the truth

Please use the hashtag; #Donate8 and pass the information along to Facebook and Twitter since they’ve both banned me for telling the truth about Cops who murder innocent people because they’re Black being prosecuted.

To Donate 8 Click Here: #Donat8 Initiative

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Theron K. Cal,



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