Why Leftists Really Don’t Trust Black Dems

Leftists lie that their anxiety over Black Dems continuing Obama’s policies has nothing to do with their race. I call them on their Bernie Sanders(BS). By Theron K. Cal Managing Editor RBRN

-OPINION 8/3/2017 

Ryan Cooper wrote an Op-Ed in The Week entitled; Why leftists don’t trust Kamala Harris, Corey Booker or Deval Patrick(or anyone else who might reject the MYTH of White Supremacy and continue Obama’s successful policies).

Cooper lays out the case of why White leftists-who’ve never won National Office- whose sole reason for existing is to promote the Whites are superior-and thus should be in charge meme-have a right to be skeptical of the Blacks who supported Obama and were right, won by ten million votes and saved America’s Democracy.

Kamala Harris, while Attorney General of California, didn’t criminally prosecute Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s old company OneWest because it foreclosed on people who couldn’t or didn’t pay their home loans they recieved from OneWest. So according to Ryan and the Marxists who support Bernie Sanders, a Black woman is supposed to prosecute a White man for fulfilling his contractual obligations to foreclose on homeowners who default on their loans?

The crime Mnuchin committed is not being a Socialist and for that reason they can’t trust Harris becasue all non Socialists should be locked up(lock her up, lock her up). Its absurd. No, Blacks are better suited to be Prosecutors because we are more sensitive to locking people up for no other reason than they don’t agree with us politically.

Cory Booker can’t be trusted according to Ryan because he’s Black…no, I mean he took money from Wall Street and protected Bain Capital when President Obama attacked their predatory practices. Booker like Harris, had solicited and received donations by these legal corporate entities that wouldn’t exist if Marxists had their way and nobody but them(the Marxists) could own private property.

Marxists believe that Democracy equals Capitalism so if we get the Democracy out of politics we can get the money out of politics and the Marxists could control all the wealth in society and they’d be rich and we’d all be their Slaves.

Deval Patrick is not trusted because he actually works for Bain Capital as a Managing Director. Certainly in a Capitalist society we can’t have someone who works for a Capitalist Company run for public office, how would Marxism thrive?

The reality is White Supremacist Democrats like the idea of Communism because its based on RACE and not merit. The problem with Marxism disguised as Socialism is it never works. The hope of the Bernie Bros is like Trump by the time you figure it out it’ll be too late Democracy will have ended but no, there’s always time to-like Trump-throw the bums out.

So yes, the next President won’t be a Marxist or a Communist Revolutionary Nut lying about being a Progressive or a Socialist but will be like Obama having made a Democratic argument based on Merit not majority and certainly not based on the MYTH of White Supremacy.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. If any Marxists are bold enough to respond to my response they’re welcome to post here but I doubt if they have the courage.


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