Time for Whites to EXIT the DEM Party

After we see the results of this MYTH of White Supremacy do we really want another 50 years of this? I think its high time Whites simply leave the Democratic Party. BY Theron K. Cal      


For decades, racists and White supremacists enjoyed free reign in the Democratic Party. It was a function of Republicans being the Party of Lincoln who had freed the Slaves. Blacks of that time while content with the Republicans were also very much aware of their racism and White supremacy that rivaled that of the Democrats.

In fact, it was only the lack of attention to the causes and concerns of the Black populous at that time that prevented Blacks from bolting the Republican Party for the Democrats. As the story goes Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King had been arrested following a non-violent sit in in Atlanta.

Virtually all of-then Senator-Kennedy’s advisors cautioned him from getting involved, for fear of alienating Southern Whites. Yet Kennedy’s soon to be brother in law, Robert Sargent Shriver Jr., who had the ear of Ethel Kennedy the Matriarch of the family, were pushing for JFK to act.

Call To Coretta Scott King

In October of 1963 Senator Kennedy placed a call to Dr. Kings concerned wife Coretta, who it was told JFK that she feared for her husbands life in that jail.

“I know this must be very hard for you, and I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and Dr. King,” he reportedly told her. “If there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to call on me.”

Kennedy’s brother Robert knew a Judge in Birmingham and placed a call that won the release of Dr. King who told reporters afterward; “”This man was willing to wipe the tears from my daughter[-in-law]’s eyes,” King. “I’ve got a suitcase of votes, and I’m going to take them to Mr. Kennedy.”

Strangely enough maybe not so much given the lack of coverage of non-violent clashes in the 60’s but Kennedy getting Dr. King out of the Birmingham jail didn’t get hardly any coverage at all. No major networks covered it and it landed on the back pages of the N.Y. Times(The Bystander: John F. Kennedy and the Struggle for Black Equality).

While Whites-in part due to the Kennedy’s secretiveness-were oblivious to JFK’s dabbling as a Civil Rights champion, the Black population was alerted to the fullest. So much so that Kennedy won 70% of the Black vote and was narrowly elected.

I find it hard to believe that those outside of Kennedy’s immediate circles didn’t notice something different about Kennedy and the direction he’d soon take the Democratic Party but evidence is scant or White descension in the first two years of Kennedy’s term.

When Kennedy started signing Civil Rights legislation that was when many White Dems bolted the Party later to become Republicans.   

Yet by the start of his third year JFK and his now Attorney General brother Robert couldn’t ignore the Civil Rights issue. Kennedy signed a watered down Anti-Discrimination Housing Bill. Then began giving speeches on Civil Rights. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise because during his campaign JFK spoke about racial equality and promised to end discrimination as he put it; “…with a stroke of a pen”. Kennedy.

White Flight

Its regarded as his most famous speech given just months before his assassination in late 1963.  Kennedy framed Civil Rights as a Constitutional and moral imperative. I have no doubt that it was this speech coupled with his change in attitude about Civil Rights and Blacks, that resulted in his assassination-most likely by Communists who’d just completed a successful revolution in Cuba four years earlier.

By the time Johnson signed the 64′ Civil Rights Act the Democratic Party was virtually free of any racists having bolted first as Dixiecrats and later as full blown Republican Tea Party Trump Nuts.

Never discussed is how this exodus of racists from the Democratic Party affected the Party. While Whites lament the loss of potential votes I have a totally different take. Without the pressure to appease racists the Party can be more friendly and inclusive to what has long been the “base” of the Democratic Party and that’s minorities and poor people.

I used to believe that Blacks should start are own Obama Party or as I argued in my 2011 article “Obama Should Do A Notre Damn On Em'” and go Independent. I don’t believe that anymore. Obama was successful. Its not about his theories, ideology or even “HOPE”. No he did the damn thing. Record 45% GDP Growth over 20 million public and private sector jobs, record tax cuts etc. His policies are solid and to top it off he won by ten million votes with only 26% of White registered voters voting for him.

So if anyone should leave the Party its not the people who revived it it should be the bitter White supremacists and racists who simply oppose Obama because of his race. What they did to Hillary was deplorable.


Keep in mind no Independent third Party has ever won a National election and won’t if all the Whites form their own Communist Revolutionary Nut Party. Will we lost some votes? Yes but we’ll gain more votes. I’m looking at the 18% of Black fools who listened to Bernie.

While I detest Bernie lying about being a Democratic Socialist-when he knows he’s a Communist-the fact he infiltrated the Dem Party was shrewd. Would 18% of Blacks no matter how stupid, have left the Party to vote for that Idiot? Probably not.

My point is third Parties are such because Idiots who don’t agree with or can’t compete in Democracies don’t like Democracies but want to use the freedoms and inclusiveness of the Democrats to fool people.

So no, we aren’t going anywhere but Whites should pack their bags and leave the Party. The 96% of Blacks who led Obama to a 10 million vote victory have to be the ones who continue Democracy.



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  • Ira Miller

    Name 10 racist democrats that “bolted the democrat party” and joined the Republican Party. That’s a myth. The racists stayed in the Dem party and lead the part for years. They changed their tune but the Democratic Party is built on the sick ideology that supported slavery.

    • Ian

      Simply not a myth.

      Lincoln’s Republican party sought to change the status quo.

      Today’s Republican party wants to restore America to a perverted vision of constitional WHITE supremacy.

      This is why the Klan has exclusively endorsed people like Donald Trump. People who’s prejudice is only matched by their own stupidity and lack of self awareness.

      Name 10 people… LOL this is not some simplistic David Duke joined the Republicans shit… The historically racist democratic party has not existed since about Barry Goldwater….

      Whereas… Outwardly racist xenophobic people have found themselves quite at home in the Republican party for decades.. Where like minded people will make them feel oh so comfortable… Tell them that racism is no longer a problem… And express views which anyone who isn’t surrounded by members of the KKK on a daily basis will recognize as prejudiced garbage being expressed by

      White trash.

    • Name the Racists who left the Dem Party are you serious? Ronald Reagan, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, etc. there were millions of White Racists that left the Dem Party after it advanced Civil & Voting Rights. Did all the Racists leave? No, many remain today like David Sirota and Glenn Greenwald they’re Racist as hell but over all the Democrats nominated and elected Obama. ~RB https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a738300b51ca168be68eb693147442f5afccf36030f7509d478b5beb73f127b3.jpg

  • No that’s a Racist LIE Ira Miller but nice try though. The notion that the RACISTS who voted for Trump came outta thin air is laughable. They left the Dem Party in the 60’s and have been laying in the cut waiting for the 2nd Coming of Adolf Hitler which they have in Trump. #RBRadio LIVE!