Hillary Clinton Must Be Named 45th POTUS

Now that we’re certain Obama was right that, Donald Trump the Russians and Bernie Sanders conspired to steal the 2016 Presidential election, the only option is to make Hillary R. Clinton the 45th President of the United States.                               

-OPINION   July 24th 2017  by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBR Network 

We’re at the point in Russia meddling in the 2016 Presidential election and collusion between President Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders where its a foregone conclusion. The only issue now is; What are we gonna do about it?   Whites will simply lie and swear up and down that there’s no proof.

No, its not about proof anymore we have the tapes we have the bank records, the emails we have definitive proof-whether racists want to accept it or not. The issue is are we going to let them get away with it like they think we will or will we negate the 2016 election and name Hillary Rodom Clinton the 45th President of the United States, since she rightfully won.

I understand Whites are embarrassed-they elected Trump-they wanted a racist to follow the Nations most successful President(due to his race) but what good is our Democracy if it can’t withstand assaults by racists, White supremacists, and Communist Revolutionary nuts?

If you’re thinking they’ve learned their lesson, dodged a bullet-would never do it again-you’re delusional. After the Allied Forces defeated Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party was banned from ever participating in German politics. The ban wasn’t to punish the Nazi’s and their sympathizers as much as it was a message to other tyrants that their hate and White Supremacy would not be tolerated.

The 2016 election should be awarded to Hillary R. Clinton, all executive actions and appointments must be voided. ~RB










We must be mindful that Sanders is not ruling out a run in 2020 as a Democrat and Trump has begun fundraising for his re-election while having secret meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and making congratulatory calls to Turkey’s recently elected President, Revep Tayyip Erdogan, who’s first act as President was to eliminate term limits allowing him to stay in power until 2029.

Hard Line

We as Blacks must take a hard line with Whites who willfully elected Trump and now are willing to throw him under the bus after he ends America’s Democracy and insures that Blacks and women are put in their place. We know Democracy doesn’t or shouldn’t work that way.

Allowing for other racists or Marxists to compete in an open election simply gives the idiots responsible for Trumps election a 2nd chance. I wouldn’t be shocked if George Zimmerman is drafted to succeed Trump. Also unacceptable is the line of succession. Why should racists be rewarded with a President Pence or Ryan when they were complicit in the Treasonous acts?

Barack Obama isn’t seeking any accolades for saving Democracy any more than he sought when he saved this Nation from the brink of bankruptcy and racist right wing rule in 2008. We do this becasue Democracy worked, not just for us but for everyone. That Marxists from the right and the left were able to take advantage of that isn’t a knock on Democracy-if the consequences for their crimes are swift and decisive.

Trump must be impeached and the results of the 2016 election amended to award the Presidency to Hillary. Any actions or appointments Trump made must be voided. The Republican Party and Bernie’s Communist Revolutionary Party must be censored. This is the only way we can save face less the next batch of Idiots who want to continue Hitler’s work return.

Those of my thoughts as usual, I invite yours.

Theron K. Cal Managing Editor,


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  • Donavon Dilling

    We have the tapes! We have the bank records! We have video! No, you have nothing.