Joy Reid Gets Melissa Harris-Perry’s Time Slot on MSNBC


MSNBC announced Journalist Joy Ann Reid is replacing Black man hater Melissa Harris-Perry’s weekend 10am(EST) slot. This is a move we celebrate while continuing to build RBRN into the Alternative To Conservative. By Theron K. Cal Managing Editor RBRN. 

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-OPINION May 1, 2016

(Los Angeles) MSNBC announced Journalist and political commentator Joy Ann Reid will be replacing recently terminated host Melissa Harris-Perry in a move that was perceived with the side eye by most observers-who upon initial examination would view this move as more of the same-I disagree, this is the right move which fits what I’ve been saying all along.

Of course you don’t remember I objected to Harris-Perry getting a show in the first place-because she was a known Black man hater who’s resentment of President Obama and overt belief that men should be replaced in society by She-men had reached legendary status.  This kinda’  gender bending blurring of the biological gender roles by Black man hating Black women-while encouraged by racists who hate the President because he’s Black- is not the best representation for us.

Yet they gave Perry a show anyway and she proceeded to attack Black men at every turn.  She put that idiot Elon James White on there in funny hats and two earrings in his ears, touted gay and transgendered Black men like Johnathan Capehart-who’s actually quite capable as a Journalist and commentator but still she put him on cause he’s gay.

My argument was; we don’t have any Black Journalists on the air so putting on gay people and light skinned, part-time brothers & sista’s[Toure’  Karen Finney, Angela Rye and them isn’t advancing our cause as much as supporting the myth of white supremacy that is the goal of why White Conservatives bought up 98% of MSM in the first place.

Reid's Journalism chops keeps her on MSNBC in spite of all the racism that goes on.

Reid’s Journalism chops keeps her on MSNBC in spite of all the racism that goes on.

Meanwhile Joy Ann Reid was leading the investigation into the murder of Trayvon Martin she wasn’t just commentating, marching and protesting she was filing stories writing articles for the Orlando Sentinel she was guest hosting  on Reverend Al Shaprton’s Keeping It Real Show and she was Black (dark, African Lupita type Black). I was adamant that Reid was what we needed on the racist cabler MSNBC[You can view the MSNBC story here] if she wasn’t willing to join Real Brother Radio.

Before Reid got her show; The Reid Report, she told of pressure to turn on Obama and side with rest of the high yellow heffa’s on the network who can’t stand him or do a Rachel Maddow and chide him for marrying a Black women and not Reggie Love. Reid resisted and to offer the appearance of neutrality Phil Griffin, the President of the Network gave her a show anyway. Of course she was killin’ em’ with truth, professionalism and Journalistic principals that they weren’t even aware existed.

The damage a Real Sista’  being on the air was doing to their mission statement to destroy Obama and kick Blacks back into the Color Purple movie was too much to bare- so they quickly cancelled the show. Reid was no doubt disappointed I’m sure, but as Journalists our job is to tell the truth as based on the facts we aren’t Chuck Todd(“Not my job to report the truth or the facts“).

Telling the truth as a Journalist comes with consequences. Racists will sue you they’ll lie about you-and in cases where you work for them- they’ll cancel your show but you tell the truth anyway. Its not lost on me that in spite of the pressure to join in the Obama bashing brigade- having dire consequences for Reid’s show- in the end she wins because she’s still standing when all the light-skinned part-time Soledad O’Brien lookin’ brothers and sisters fell off .

I sent a personal message to Reid on Facebook(she had to block me on Twitter as a condition of getting a show at the racist MSNBC) where I caution her, that our goal as Black Journalists is not to get a job at Fox so we can get paid helping kick Blacks back into 1850, our ultimate aim is to create our own Real Brother Radio Network where we can tell the truth all day everyday and get rewarded for Journalism and not punished for it.

In conclusion, we celebrate not just Joy Ann Reid’s return to MSNBC with her new as yet untitled show-we celebrate the truth which remains historically undefeated.  Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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