Hillary Wins NY, Down Goes Bern Bots!

Hillary wins NY poised to wrap up Dem nomination.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wins NY poised to wrap up Dem nomination.  By Theron K. Cal, Managing Editor RBRN


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-BREAKING NEWS   April 20th 2016

(New York) Hillary dominated her home State winning 59% to 41%.  The former Secretary of State, thanked New Yorker’s and touted the diversity of her victory. It was a direct shot at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who promised an upset victory in his State of birth.

Clinton fired back at Sanders’ off the cuff comments that the former NY Senators victories came only in the deep South- in communities of color-while losing to Sanders in racist white states that businessman Donald Trump does well in. Trump also won in his Republican Primary wining all of the available delegates in the big apple.

Hillary for the first time talked about the primary season being in “The home stretch” with her campaign poised to take the nomination with 2,383 Delegates needed. Clinton is up 80% to 20% in the popular vote and Super Delegate count.

The primaries wrap up on June 7th. Jeff Weaver, the Campaign Manager for Sanders still believes they have a path to the nomination.

“The [Fox News, WSJ, Communist Revolutionary Polls] show that our Candidate will do better than Secretary Clinton among the Trump supporters”  Weaver said.

Most Trump supporters-which have sworn to abandon the election all together- if their Candidate doesn’t win the nomination have more than ideological differences with Sanders but believe he’d be an easier opponent to beat than Hillary due to his Communist Revolutionary Party ties.

The Sanders strategy is contingent on getting the Super Delegates who’ve already pledged their votes to Secretary Clinton-based on her over two million popular vote lead-switching their pledged delegates over to Sanders based on the lie that he’d do better against Trump or Cruz because racists prefer him to a continuation of Obama’s policies which highlight the fact that whites aren’t superior and actually are a hot mess when it comes to governing.

CLINTON: "Its on to victory!"

CLINTON: “Its on to victory!” 










‘Victory is in sight’

“We started this race not far from here on Roosevelt Island,” Clinton said in her victory speech. “And tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the Democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight.”   Hillary said.
Sanders tweeted that he was looking ahead to the northeast and mid-Atlantic states that vote next week.

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