Why Whites Have Trump Support All Wrong

Whites think their backlash will lead to a Trump Presidency oblivious to the fact that only 10% of America is Racist, hardly enough to make their fantasy come true.

By Theron K Cal  Managing Editor, RBRN

-OPINION  March 25th, 2016

SPARTANBURG, SC - FEBRUARY 20: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at his election night party February 20, 2016 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The New York businessman won the first southern primary decisively.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

 (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

ListenLive(Los Angeles) I want to thank Lori Sums a true friend of the RBRN for pulling my coat to the Washington Post OP-Ed entitled: “Why Trump is winning: His supporters think America is screwing over Whites.”  My first mind was to simply reprint the story and let it stand on its own but I nixed that idea upon reading it.

The article’s author is Greg Sargent who writes a regular column for the Post called the Plum. ”

Donald Trump continued stomping towards the GOP nomination with a big win in Arizona last night, which will stir more anxiety among GOP elites who worry that his strategy of courting white backlash could drive away minority voters, helping unleash an electoral bloodbath up and down the ticket.”  ~Greg Sargent Washington Post

That’s the first paragraph, you can see- if you know me at all- that I’d have serious problems with the notion that racists rushing to support Donald Trump will drive away minority voters.  We learned from the 2008 election that racists don’t drive away minority voters, we see it as a clarion call in which we rally to the cause.

I also have a problem with the insult that a racist can simply tone down or mask their racism and Blacks will be OK with it, we aren’t. Its silly to think that a Party that would nominate or even have such a blatant overt racist such as Trump would have down Party Barack Obama’s-probably not likely.

It reminds me of the time I got on the elevator with a local FOX NEWS Reporter and I said, “Fairly unbalanced, racist as can be” and she-nervous embarrassed-quickly responded; “Oh no, that’s not us that’s the Network” as if there’s a difference. It speaks to the delusion that has been the White race in this Country since before its inception.

“But what if Trump’s efforts to court white backlash constitute one of the essential ingredients of his success among Republican voters?

~Greg Sargent

This is important because Sargent’s argument is the “White backlash”  which-let’s not mince words- is a racist backlash, is the very reason that Trump is the GOP front runner and without his racist hate he wouldn’t stand a chance. Again, I have big problems with the dishonesty if not stupidity of the notion that-a racist sans his racism wouldn’t stand a chance in Republican politics as an excuse.

The point should be-if racists only attraction to Donald Trump is the fact that he’s a racist then maybe the Never Trump movement has validity that we all should get behind.

Sargent refers to House Speaker Paul Ryan who many see as a possible last second replacement for Trump, if indeed he’s not able to get the 50 plus 1 percent of the vote needed to become the First Ballot nominee. That would be beyond stupid because it would show the poor judgement racists have after getting 20 candidates wrong to scrape the barrel for Ryan.

To illustrate his point, Sargent offers a chart that shows Whites when asked if a bigger problem is Whites being pushed out by Blacks & Hispanics or Blacks & Hispanics being pushed out buy racist Whites who hate them cause they’re Black & Hispanics.


Surprise! All the racists said the problem is Blacks & Hispanics taking all the Attorney General jobs, NBA slots-Whites are being pushed out. Its down right laughable. And that’s not to say racists don’t truly believe if Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Muslims and nobody else existed on earth they’d be able to achieve.

Where Whites go so wrong is in pushing the myth of their superiority.  This assumed right of old, dumb, angry, lazy, guilt ridden, racist Whites to be angry because they thought they were superior and Blacks were gonna stay in 1950 like they have.


There are consequences for reading history wrong.  The people who read it correctly are under no obligation to tell you, “You better stop thinking its still 1950 and there are laws in place that fool people into thinking the dumbest people on earth are superior. “

Our society feeds into the myth of White superiority which has been rejected by Blacks and Hispanics for oh, say the last 400 years. We are to the point where we no longer argue with Whites over their assumed superiority we simply destroy them on the field of battle. You might want to reassess.

“To be clear, correlation does not necessarily mean causation, and this is only one of many potential factors explaining Trump’s support.”

~Greg Sargent

In the above Sargent is again, pushing the myth that Whites are superior and as such have every right to be angry because they’re not superior-which simply illustrates how silly the entire exercise is. Mistake number one; is trying to legitimize a myth the second mistake is trying to advance it by lying about angry White racists forcing their ill will on everyone else-cause it ain’t happenin’.

We aren’t stupid, we know why racists support Trump and while we sympathize with your racist stupidity-its just not the direction we want the Country to go in, especially after the most successful President in U.S. history, happens to be Black.

Sargent sites another study reported by Atlantic Magazine which found Trump supporters feel entitled to favor and privileges that Blacks have taken away in the age of Obama. This assertion is widely rejected by Blacks who’ve been enslaved and oppressed for 450 years. We’re not willing to accept that we’ve taken privilege away from our traditional oppressors such as Donald Trump.

The rest of Sargent’s article goes on to tout how Trump is dominating the Presidential contest, in a lame attempt to fool people into accepting the idea of this racist nut as President. In the last two Presidential elections President Obama got 1% of the White Republican vote. Had Obama not got that 1% of the racist vote he still would have won by ten-million votes which was a record in U.S. elections.

The bottom-line is; there simply aren’t enough racists in this Country to elect any Republican let alone the most vile and crass Trump monster. Nobody White realizes that Blacks don’t care about your White Privilege, it doesn’t mean we’re racist but it does mean we’re not going to buy your argument that we’ve remiss for evolving past 1950 and you haven’t.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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