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Recently the administration at Georgetown University announced they would make exception for the descendants of slaves.  I applaud this move as I’ve stated Reparations isn’t for blacks, as much as it is for whites- who for as much as they deny it- feel guilty about enslaving and oppressing six generations human beings simply based on their race and not have to wake up to one of them as President.

I’ve always been intrigued by the arguments for and against reparations being paid to surviving African-Americans for two-hundred and fifty years of slavery, racism, discrimination and oppression based solely on our race or as people afraid to use the word race, the color of our skin.

The issue has returned front and center recently thanks to Atlantic Writer TaNehisi Coates criticism of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders(I) VT who has come out against reparations in spite of soliciting the support of African-Americans.

OK you’re far enough into this for me to offer the disclaimer that what follows is NOT the Presidents plan for reparations in fact, Barack Obama has been adamant as being against reparations for the simple fact that-his ascension to the White House proves he and Oprah Winfrey don’t’ need to be waitn’ for the people trying to kick them back into slavery-to realize the error of their ways and make amends.

Yet and still there are principles of the ideology that propelled Obama to the pinnacle of political power-that would be interesting if applied to the issue of reparations. So to that end let’s take what we know to be true of the Presidents stated policy and apply those ideas to solving what we all agree is one of the pressing issues of our generation.

Obama's Case For Reparations

Obama’s Case For Reparations











White opponents of reparations are quick to point out that slavery is over, blacks today have never been slaves and their White ancestors were in Nazi Germany, killing six million Jews-cause Hitler thought they were black-and as such had nothing to do with slavery.

While the above arguments are valid White Colonial Chattel Slavery didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was based on the Myth of White Supremacy that suggested the entire black race was degenerate and inferior-the White race moral and superior.

This is important because while slavery ended-with the 13th Amendment-the Myth of White Supremacy has endured and is the very basis for Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trumps current popularity among both Whites and Blacks.

Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father  that his success could be traced to a fifteen minute hastily arranged meeting with his estranged father Barack Sr., in the Honolulu International Airport. During this meeting the Senior Obama told his then ten year old son that his name wasn’t Barry Soetoro, ushered him into a gift shop to buy him a basketball telling him;

We don’t play soccer, we play basketball”  ~Barack Obama Sr.

Obama Sr. Embrace your Black

Obama Sr. Embrace your Black










The future President was intrigued and this examination of who his father was shaped his rejection of the Myth of White Supremacy, which is why the man that would become the first black President has been so adamant in opposition to reparations.

“It stands to reason if you don’t feel harmed by the MYTH of White Supremacy you wouldn’t seek redress.” ~President Obama 

What I see is the major flaw in the argument for reparations by so many in the African-American community is this notion that the basis for slavery-The Myth of White Supremacy-is the very basis for reparations which would make the redress as wrong as the original sin-and would do anything but repair  the damage caused.

When we say, its a SYSTEM of White Supremacy, we’re not saying Whites are superior~Hoetep Nuts

That’s the lie they tell but yes, if you’re suggesting Whites have the ability to put the Racism & Myth of White Supremacy into a “system” or “institution”  then you’re saying Whites are superior.

This type of non-nonsensical argument causes the very Whites who need relief from the guilt and shame they feel from Slavery to roll their eyes. Whites are the dumbest people on earth, the only reason they’re killing black youth and poisoning the water in Flint is because they thought they were Superior  and think they should and can be again.


Reparations Is Not For Blacks-As Much As It Is For Whites

In Coats’ Atlantic follow up to his, Case For Reparations he offers some concrete ways African-Americans could be made whole and how our current Government could facilitate restitution.

Chief among his ideas would be an adjustment for Housing Discrimination that can be traced back to the original GI Bill and New Deal which as a compromise excluded blacks and sanctioned the practice of Redlining which, while against the law continues in many American cities today its effects devastating for generations.

Obama would oppose such an initiative-not because he condones Redlining-but because he’s a Lawyer.  The President believes you can’t change a law and then collect restitution from people-even though they benefited-didn’t break that law.

A Better Solution would be to address the very MYTH that allowed for Redlining and subsequent discrimination to endure. We wouldn’t’ be addressing specific discrimination but the foundation of that discrimination-which was the belief held by all Whites, that the black race and culture is degenerate and inferior.

Japanese, Native Americans, Jews, Irish Got Reparations Why Not Blacks?

Obama would offer, were groups that were discriminated against based on their religion or National Origin, enslaved, oppressed for four-hundred and fifty years because they were black? If not then this is a false equivalency. If our arguments don’t make any sense they won’t be effective.

If Whites are to make amends and pay restitution for what they’ve done to blacks, then the restitution can’t be compared to what they’ve done to Native American’s, Japanese or Jews(who they thought were Black).

That said, Whites don’t feel anywhere near the guilt for Native American’s, Jews or Japanese, who’s claims of injustice were no less valid than ours. Obama would argue that making right what was an admitted wrong went a long way in alleviating such guilt.

“I don’t feel any guilt from Slavery, I’ve never owned any Slaves” ~YT Nut 

That’s another lie they tell but you don’t enslave and slaughter six-hundred million people cause they’re black and not feel some guilt-you may be monsters but you’re still human.

“So yes, Whites who feel we’re stupid will offer we don’t need reparations and they don’t need to atone for something they didn’t do and don’t feel guilty about but still.”  ~RB 

Obama would reject their lies respecting the fact that Whites don’t realize their guilt can be eased far more effectively by paying blacks for past wrongs than killing blacks and poisoning the water in Flint.


The plan would be simple; $1 and an apology for each African-American in North America(that would include 1 million blacks in Canada catching hell from guilt ridden Whites) for all past acts beginning with Slavery, ending at the close of 1950.

The fundamental reason President Obama opposes reparations is, it diminishes-if not negates-the Civil Rights Movement  which began in 1949 when E.D. Nixon a Porter working in Alabama, organized the first recorded black boycott.  It was Nixon who so impressed Rosa Parks that she recruited the 8th grade drop out to head the Montgomery Improvement Association(MIA).

Reparations can't negate Civil Rights gains

Reparations can’t negate Civil Rights gains

Nixon made a deal with Parks, that she’d go to church with him on Sunday and after hearing the new Preacher at; Dexter Ave Baptist Church, if she still wanted him to head the MIA he’d do it. Parks was so impressed by the young Preacher she extended the offer to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to head the MIA and the rest is as they say, history.

1950 forward was significant not only for Civil Rights there were many gains made by Blacks in sports, Keith Sweat, Alexander O’Neal & En Vogue albums and such- that we’d never want to imply we’re accepting reparations for.  Black Quarterbacks, Astronauts, Million Man Marches and of course Obama’s historic election.

Logistics can be worked out. The dollar can be redeemed online or at the 7-11 or something. Of course GOP Black Chick  n’ dem will be Fox Newsin’ and Stacy Dashin’  as such wouldn’t want anything to do with reparations maybe they can donate their dollar to charity or some other worthy cause.

Its very important that the compensation be monetary but also something that’s manageable. The aim is not to make Oprah & LeBron James rich off Reparations,  its to take some of the pressure Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are putting on them-to give up their wealth and power for more deserving guilt ridden Whites hell bent on justifying Slavery.

In closing, while I think brothers like Coates and DeRay Mckesson can definitely be thought starters spurring debate. We can’t allow Whites to appoint who negotiates on our behalf. There’s no debate needed on the conflict of interest between black activists who work for the very people from who we seek redress.

Coats was up front in offering the Editorial Staff at the Atlantic had final say over his original article on reparations. Deray was honest in accepting seed money from George Soros for protests in Baltimore and Ferguson.

I get a chill down my spine when I hear Bernie Sanders say:

“Its an INJUSTICE that the 14 richest Americans, hadn’t spent one second complaining about the 14 richest Americans, before they became the 14 richest Americans” ~Bernie Sanders (I) VT

Sanders: "Its an INJUSTICE Oprah & Obama have so much wealth & power"

Sanders: “Its an INJUSTICE Oprah & Obama have so much wealth & power”












So no, less we end up with idiots named “Killer Mike” representing us, we better come to the conclusion that the brothers & sisters hand-picked by Whites to carry their water certainly can spark discussion but they are by no means the only voices we’re allowed to listen to.

So to that end, I do have a Patreon Account that has $0 in it. If you believe we need to-not necessarily appoint or anoint independent voices but to encourage them-I’d be more than pleased if you could #Donate8. Here’s the link:   https://www.patreon.com/RealBrotherRadio?ty=h

These are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.

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