Do’s & Dont’s When White Cops Pull You Over

black_driver_stoppedlisten_button-OPINION      Monday August 10th 2015

By Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBR Network

I’ve done a number of shows on consequences stemming from being wrong about why racists are killing people cause the Presidents Black.  I often cite Whites being wrong about how Obama won or the consequences of lying and shooting up Batman movies, Safeway’s, Sandy Hook Elementary, blowin’ up marathons and such.

I’ve also often commented on the consequences of Blacks on the radio lying about Systems of White Supremacy and superior White people putting racism into institutions. In short, Whites would have to be superior if they were able to put racism or the myth of White supremacy into a bottle, throw it into the ocean and send it to Africa like the wing of the Malaysian plane MH370.

More recently I’ve been at odds with Black idiots on the radio convincing Blacks that our behavior is why racist cops are killing Blacks and or Whites are superior and there’s nothing we can do if a racist cop targets us for slaughter.

This is totally wrong so to counter the misinformation I’ve prepared a list of Do’s & Don’ts that are vital to saving Black lives.


Don’t THINK you’ve done anything wrong. In every one of these incidents the Black victim asks the officer or the Zimmerman “What have I done, why are you stopping me?” The assumption is, if you haven’t done anything wrong, then they have no reason to pull you over or detain or arrest etc., this is false.

Racist cops are stopping you because you’re Black and the excuse they use is just that an excuse. Its important because a mistake Blacks are making is; if you stopped me because I didn’t signal after you pulled me over or my tail light was out then certainly you aren’t gonna shoot me.

But no again if the reason they stopped you was to shoot you then no, that’s just a lame excuse that they’re using to justify the stop. So no don’t assume what they said you did is why they stopped you or that since you didn’t do anything they won’t shoot you.

Police Line

Be right but not dead right

Don’t THINK like you, think like them. They are racists. They THINK you are a criminal simply because you are Black. They think your life does not matter and that killing you is their duty. You cant’ assume that they’re superior and as such wouldn’t kill someone they think inferior to them. No they use their ability to kill you and get away with it as proof of their genetic, moral and intellectual superiority to you.

Don’t LISTEN, to these Black PhD’s, Historians, Lawyers, Preachers or Comedians, they are not Journalists they aren’t trained to know or find the facts. They deal in theories based on the myth of White supremacy and listening to them will get you killed.

Don’t be DEAD RIGHT, Yes you’ve done nothing wrong but to a racist being born Black is wrong. To White Cops or racists in general you are a criminal as well as the source of their White guilt. You are the source of their rage and anger, you are their personal Obama. You can’t let the fact that you’re in the right be their excuse. Don’t be dead right, accept that to racists being Black makes you wrong.

Don’t GIVE them an excuse. When Cops pull you over they are hoping you will give them a reason to kill you. I know it sucks but that’s the reality of the times in which we live. From the time the Cop realizes you’re Black until hopefully you are released he is testing you. Cops will berate, taunt, insult and use your murder to ease their White guilt and justify their hate.

Don’t PUSH back. Its a natural human reaction when pushed to push back but you must resist this action because racist Cops are simply trying to bait you into doing something they can point to as an excuse for killing you. They will push but you can’t under any circumstances push back.

NOTE: People will call the above weak or passive but actually its not. You are showing the racist that you value your life and know what he’s up to.  Its very effective in causing him to question if you’re the right one to murder.

Don’t let them THINK you’re stupid. The cornerstone of racism is the myth of White supremacy based on the fact that we’re all supposed to be stupid. If racist Cops think you’re dumb they will feel justified in killing you. Criminal is OK but the stereotype about Blacks being dumb is a death sentence.

That doesn’t mean wow them with your IQ and grasp of the English language. I’m saying let them know in no uncertain terms that you know what they want to do and you’re intent on preventing that from happening.


Racist Cops all think they’re Dirty Harry

White Cops all think they’re Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies. They all want you to “Make Their Day“. ~RB

Don’t object to why they stopped you. This differs from pushing back because its very specific. You’re trippin’ off of why they pulled you over-for not having a license plate on the front of your car -when they’re processing how dumb you must be to actually think that’s why they stopped you. Just don’t do it.

Don’t show fear. Racist Cops view fear as an admission of guilt. They don’t see it for what it is that this racist nut hates you cause the Presidents Black & running circles around them. Its OK to be afraid your life is in danger but you have to know that the Cop is reading it as acknowledgement that Blacks are inherently evil. It becomes another excuse to shoot you.

Don’t listen to Black idiots telling you to respond by knowing your rights or with like minded hostility, aggression or violence, it will get you killed. The Racist Cop must know that he has all the authority. There’s no shame in living. Be contrite but don’t come off as phony or patronizing the Cops.

OK now that brings us to what you SHOULD DO if and when you are pulled over by White Cops.

DO let the Cop know you know the real reason why he stopped you. Its not about assuming its about letting the Cop know you aren’t stupid which is one of the stereotypes that allows them to justify killing Blacks. Don’t be sarcastic or playful let the Cop know in no uncertain terms you know exactly why they stopped you.

DO accept them stopping you and any warnings or admonition they offer. Many racist Cops routinely stop Black motorists hoping to get lucky and find an excuse. The second they see you aren’t gonna give them an excuse they’ll send you on your way.

DO agree with them that they were right and YOU were in the wrong even if they are racist and simply stopped you because you were Black. Disagreeing with them or not accepting their arguments will be used by them as resisting.

DO accept multiple arrests no matter how annoying or tiring. Freddy Gray was arrested 19 times. Eric Garner had been arrested 30 times. Racist Cops will make a habit of targeting Blacks. If you break from protocol during any one of these arrests they will use that as an excuse. Play along no matter how many times you’re arrested or detained.

Christian Taylor was killed by police in Texas

Christian Taylor was killed by police in Texas

DO be Afraid. I know but its not fear. Fear is different than afraid in that afraid is cautious and careful. Fear is defeated and doomed. Use your afraid to save your life to be careful and methodical in your actions with the Cops. Use your fear to think out each and every move you make.

DO accept their apology and or offer of friendship. Of course you don’t accept their apology or friendship but if they THINK you do they’ll be less apt to kill you. The Brother defended himself the other day against the racists by killing one of them. He was only physically attacked after he refused to shake the racists hand.

Had the Brother not had a gun I’d recommend he indeed shake the racists hand. If the other racist didn’t want to shake hands that’s fine at the least everyone would have gone home to their families.

Christian Taylor was killed by police in Texas after vandalizing an auto dealership giving the racist cops an excuse to kill him. While many will blame him we are just as much to blame by not telling the truth as to why racist cops are murdering Blacks. We all want to believe that Whites wouldn’t kill unarmed Blacks for no good reason but that’s exactly what’s happening and everyone Black needs to know that.

Had Taylor known that while his actions didn’t threaten anyone they served as an excuse for a racist cop to kill him.

In conclusion, while we can do everything in our power to avoid any confrontation with the police, if they do pull you over its good to have a road map to how you can survive.  You honor the more than 10,000 Blacks killed since 1980 by police by getting the word out as to how we can live after a racist Cop pulls us over. Once they realize stopping us is not an automatic death sentence they’ll stop or at least think twice before they end a life.

Let’s all stay safe.