by Rhonda Ray, Contributor

Los Angeles, CA- For years Blog Talk Radio has been the standard, but if one young upstart has its way that standard will go dark– as in Black.

Last months launch of, Real Brother Radio Network brings a new player into the arena offering ten times the Blog Talk for a fraction of the costs.



While BTR hosts scrimp and scrape to keep up with the $40 to $100(OK 99) dollars for a two or three hour show, RBRN offers a full 24 hour stream for $20 dollars plus access to Tune In, Itunes and placement in the Shoutcast Directory.

BTR listeners strain to listen to the 64KB Blog Talk signal which represents the lowest streaming quality available. Followers of RBRN listen to a CD quality 128KB signal that sounds like the show is being broadcast live from Satellite in HD.

I sat down with Theron K. Cal, Founder and CEO of the Real Brother Radio Project the non-profit created to administer the RBR Network properties and assets.

RR: What brought about the Real Brother Radio Network, what spawned the idea?

TKC: “I was with Scotty Reid and the Black Talk Radio Network and he said he’d like to see me have my own Network similar to his. ”

RR: He was willing to put you in business in direct competition to him?

TKC: “I don’t think he saw it as competing with him as much as he saw it as a validation of his vision for Black Talk in every major city in this Country. When we fell out I thought it was as good a time as any to start that Network we spoke about from the beginning.”

RR: How long were you with Black Talk Radio and what happened that you left?

TKC: “I’m sure he has a different version but my problem with the militant, New Black Panther Nuts–as I affectionately call them–is that they base every action on the myth that Whites are superior and we can’t do anything with or against them because they’ll use their magic White Devil Voodoo that they used to make the Malaysian plane disappear. I lasted one month. ”

RR: You also clashed over your support of President Obama?

TKC: “Yes, the Militant Black Kill The Cracker Babies crowd only supported Obama when they were certain he’d become a martyr after the big bad White man destroyed him and sent him back to Chicago with his tail between his legs begging for his White mother.


Theron K. Cal, RBRN

“Of course when Obama sailed into office with only 1% of the White racist vote and most likely only 15% of the White Liberal vote, those so called Black Revolutionaries all the sudden couldn’t stand him. Obama was a Sellout, a puppet of the White man because certainly nobody Black could legitimately win an election against such brilliant White Gods the likes of John McCain, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?”  ~Theron K. Cal 

RR: You’re 100% sure that Obama won those elections fair and square without the help of Whites?

TKC: “43% of Whites voted for Barack Obama. Romney got 47% of the vote. You tell me if White people got Obama elected?”

RR: What’s your vision for Real Brother Radio Network where do you see it in five years?

TKC: “I can see a Network that’s Black. Dedicated to the truth that has over 200 unique programs that cover the spectrum of Black Culture from relationships, politics to physical fitness, financial health and well-being to spiritual enlightenment. ”

RR: You often say that ninety-eight percent of media is owned by White Conservatives. How will they respond to your Black themed Radio Network?

TKC: “They’re gonna hate it. They’re gonna say I’m a FBI Informant a snitch a dead beat dad a Drug Dealer, a racist, a bigot(Muslim born in Kenya), someone who promotes racism by opposing racism.”

RR: And you’re OK with that?

TKC: “Yes I am because at the end of the day I’m gonna make my argument; and that is the Black race and culture has a worth and value and as such every right to exist. They’re just gonna lie on me and produce fake cut and pasted Photoshopped Indictments and charges of me being a bigot yadda yadda yadda with nothing but hot air to back it up.”

RR: What’s your pitch to someone thinking about joining RBR Network?

TKC: “I say do you want a platform where you don’t have to lie about being an Independent or prefacing every defense of President Obama with the phrase, I don’t agree with everything Obama does but… then join Real Brother Radio Network because not only can you tell the truth you don’t have to feel guilty about it or worry about being banned.”

TKC: “I was watching Melissa Harris Perry’s Black man hate fest one Sunday a few months back.  Racist nut Susan Del Percio was goin’ in on Obamacare. How it was a train wreck, disaster the end of the world as we know it, Benghazi and NSA collecting data in a secret spying program code name; The Yellow Pages(something about fingers walking etc.).”


TKC: “Part-time Sista’ sneaky fine– attorney Angela Rye said; See, no matter what happens with the ACA no matter how many of their goals they reach she’s gonna say that, they’re gonna say that. That was the last we saw of Angela Rye on NBC or any of their Networks. Her crime? She told the truth thus offending racists and breaking the Conservative Code of challenging the nonsense of Republican talking points.”

TKC: “Rest assured if you tell the truth on our Network you won’t be banned in fact you’ll be rewarded.”

RR: Had that discussion happened on your Network how would you have handled it differently?

TKC: “I would have told Melissa to clear out her desk because Angela Rye would be Hosting the show from now on. We reward truth on Real Brother Radio Network not punish it.”


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