by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA– Talk show hosts Warren Ballentine and Carl Nelson on this DUMB fake new Willie Lynch Letter crap that makes the WRONG assumption that Blacks are stupid, Whites are superior and as such can manipulate Rap music and Gangsta Rap causing Blacks to be locked up. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The first FLAW in the dumb theory is the assumption that Whites are superior and can see deep into the future.

If indeed Whites have this ability then why in the hell didn’t they stop Will Smith, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and them from becoming multimillionaires in the first place?

Yea yea they had a master plan that when John McCain was President he’d put something in all the Black prisoners food that would make them all gay-makes as much sense as any other dumb rationale they’re offering.

No, the fact is Blacks aren’t going to be manipulated into accepting inauthentic music or culture that we don’t want and or isn’t enjoyable and or beneficial to us just because racists wish for it.

Entertainment for Blacks is no different then entertainment for Whites or Asians, it must first and foremost entertain us. The notion that we would internalize music designed to put us in prison is absurd on its face.


JAY-Z & Kenye West

What the Black idiots who advance these phony conspiracy theories do is legitimize racism by suggesting that superior Whites get to decide the direction and outcome of Black Culture.

Do the fans of Rick Ross, Jay-Z or Kenye admire them because they’ll one day end up in prison or George Zimmerman will shoot em’ coming out the 7-11? Or do they admire them because they have enough money to send out for the Skittles and Ice Tea avoiding the racist nuts like Zimmerman all together?

Do racists want to put President Obama in prison? Of course they do but to suggest that they put something in his Jay-Z music that will land him behind bars is simply asinine.

“Well why don’t the Superior White Racists stand up and correct the Black idiots arguing their manipulation of our music and tell them that’s not true?”  ~Black Idiot

Come on now, you think White Racists– who do indeed legitimately fear and hate us– would object to Black idiots thwarting future Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s who’d stand to make millions for the Black community if not cock blocked by bitter jealous fake Black revolutionaries hell bent on the belief that nothings changed and everything Black is degenerate and inferior?

Black idiots who truly believe that any successful Black President or Civil Rights Leader or artist is an FBI Informant or paid shrill of racists of the oligarchy?

Everyone in the Black community who has any modicum of power or success is Tavis Smiley or Dr. Cornel West? Its absurd on its face.

Did George Zimmerman want Trayvon Martin to go to prison? Yes, but Trayvon didn’t understand why this Creepy Ass Cracker was demanding he go to prison so he resisted to the point to where Zimmerman felt justified in chasing him down and executing him on the spot.

Was it the Gangsta Rap music that made Trayvon resist this mandate that he go to prison for being young and Black? Of course not it was a racist monster that felt he belonged in prison because he looked like the President.

It didn’t have a thing to do with his character or his desire to be successful and or president one day. And of course it didn’t have a damn thing to do with no gangsta rap music.

We can solve this problem of Blacks thinking Whites are superior and can see into the future by simply telling the truth about how absurd that is.

We can solve the problem of legitimizing racism by asserting there’s no justification for killing Black teens regardless of what music we assume they listen to and how they interpret it.

Finally, there are two-million men, women and teens in all the prisons, jails, lock ups juvenile detention facilities and holding tanks in America. Of that two-million, under five-hundred thousand are Black, its less than three-percent of the Black male population.

Is three-percent of the Black population in prison too many? Of course, is it a majority? Hell no and it has nothing to do with Rap music.

You don’t like Rap music then listen to Frank Sinatra and sit down in your rocking chair but stop giving dumb racists an excuse to murder and marginalize Black children.

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