by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA- So many of us as African-Americans are so embroiled in the struggle that its difficult to see the forest for the trees. So I fully understand how many of you missed that Ebony Magazine is no longer owned by Blacks.

In July of 2011 Advertising Age quietly published a story that a “substantial” stake in Johnson Publishing had been sold to JP Morgan, ending the company’s sixty-six year run under Black ownership.

The company that started when Founder John H. Johnson with no more than a High School education borrowed eight-hundred dollars from his mother to start what he called, Life Magazine for Black people had become another tool for the advancement of the myth of White supremacy.

The JP Morgan move continued a trend of conservative White owned corporations buying up what they consider liberal media properties. Today Conservatives own ninety-eight percent of all media.

For Blacks to think White Conservatives have any other goal then to advance the myth of White genetic, social, political and moral superiority would be a colossal mistake.


Racist Monster Reince Priebus

Many wondered why Editor Jamilah Lemieux apologized to RNC Chairman(and racist monster) Reince Priebus when the RNC and its water carrying Black tokens have made clear their intention and desire is to destroy this Country because the President is Black.

The fact is, Ebony Magazine is no longer owned by Blacks and the Black man hating lesbians that were put in place after the purchase had better tow the line or be replaced(Kesha Rodgers, GOP Black Chick and them are waiting in the wings) in a nanosecond.

What stumps so many is how racists can purchase Black media properties for billions of dollars and not expect others to spring up in their place hoping to be bought out for similar sums?

It stands to reason that by the very definition of placing such a high value on Black media, racists have created the very market they hoped to restrict.

Thank God as they read this story wondering what’s our price? All we can say is; if you have to ask the price then you can’t afford it.


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