by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA– Chris Matthews on last nights Hardball show commented on why bitter White Democrats were committed to Hillary Clinton in spite of conservatives owning 98% of the Media selling the lie that America’s conservative and hates Obama cause he’s Black.

Matthews offered that Whites feel they made a mistake by voting for Obama who will leave office as America’s most accomplished President.

“I think they believe maybe they made a mistake.” ~Chris Matthews

I’d love to know what he thinks their mistake was? Do Whites really believe that the myth of White genetic superiority is more important than Democracy itself?

As Blacks we are more than willing to allow White Supremacist Democrats- who only 15% voted for President Obama(85% of Obama’s White votes came from former Republicans opposed to the racism in the GOP) to have their Hillary the direct result of the guilt Obama’s supporters feel for rejecting her in 2008.

HILLARY v. Obama

One question White Democrats are too dumb to answer is; What if Hillary does become President and she shuns Obama’s center right policies and fails miserably–which is guaranteed if she doesn’t follow Obama’s precedent?

Hilliary’s failure after Obama’s success means what for the myth of White Supremacy which has White Democrats viewing the election of a Black Genius as a mistake?

Choosing Obama who opposed the Iraq War over Hillary who approved of it was a mistake? Choosing Obama’s health care plan that would save one trillion dollars over Hilliary’s that would cost two trillion was a mistake?

And when questioned about the two trillion dollar difference in health care proposal’s Hilliary’s answer? “We can afford it.” Wrong answer.

A mistake we chose Obama’s plan to go into Pakistan  capture and kill Osama Bin Ladin over Hilliary’s to let him attack us again?

A mistake to choose Obama’s honesty over Hillary lying about facing shrapnel fire in Bosnia when there’s video of her sipping pina colada’s on the beach(not really but still)?

A mistake to choose Obama’s 58 State Strategy  over Hillary blowing off the primaries because not enough people were voting in them?

A mistake to choose Obama’s poker face and shugging off obvious racism to Hillary crying when she won in New Hampshire?

Tom Hanks voice: “There’s no crying in White Supremacy and kicking the Black race back to second class political status”.

We who support this President fully understand how upset Whites who never anticipated the success of the first African-American to hold the office would have or the damage to the myth of White genetic  intellectual and political superiority.

To call it a mistake is not only false its silly.

It merely means we were right in choosing President Obama and the PUMA’s and Occupy Wall Street nuts were wrong. Tread lightly.

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