Syndicated Host Warren Ballentine


by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA-My morning reads;

♦ I begin with Warren Ballentine who continues his assault on black leadership based on the myth that whites are superior and as such can manipulate us and make us put their agenda ahead of ours.

Warren’s argument in a nutshell;  If you take two million dollars from the gay lobby and twenty dollars from the Ku Klux Klan and TWO BILLION DOLLARS in under $200 dollar increments from ninety-percent of those who voted for you then of course you’re gonna be owned by the 2% who hate you cause you’re black.

Its an absurd and asinine argument based on the myth that twenty dollars from someone white is superior to a billion dollars from someone black and its false and ridiculous.

♦ Our ninety-eight percent Conservative owned media continues to suppress the Presidents rebuttal to Russian President Vladamir Putin that America invaded Iraq so how can we trip on him invading the Ukraine?

The President was correct in that America didn’t alter the borders of Iraq, we didn’t steal their oil or natural resources. We didn’t change their currency to the dollar, we didn’t force em’ to watch Duck Dynasty re-runs.

♦ Also, Obama has a rebut for Racist Marxist Monster Mitt Romney and his claim that Russia is a Superior Power and a threat to the Republic. The President said we don’t have to invade Canada to prove that we’re a Super Power.

Obama successfully argued having to invade and occupy Crimea is a sign of weakness not strength. I want those clips, come on conservative media stop playin’.

♦ Kobe has lost his damn mind and I’m hoping that in the coming days he wakes up to the fact that there’s nothing wrong with defending black children from being murdered by racist monsters mad about  Obama’s election.

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