Blacks Must Hold Whites Accountable For Trump

Sixty-two million White racists and supremacists voted for Trump so the notion they didn’t want him is an insult. Blacks must hold Whites accountable, by Theron K. Cal  Managing Editor RBRN   


-OPINION  January 2, 2017

For blacks the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States is like a kick in the gut. Following the most successful Potus in US history-  who’s only down side was the fact that he’s black. There is no question Trumps election was a Whitelash as CNN correspondent Van Jones so aptly put it.

Racists…I mean Conservatives, spend billions of dollars buying 98% of MSM, co-opting Facebook and Twitter as well as targeting 32 States in which they now control the Governorship’s and Legislatures. Their stated intent was clear from day one; destroy President Obama his legacy and take their Country back-in spite of the fact they never controlled this Country-while ensuring no minority ever again becomes President.

Don’t for one minute think this was a coordinated ingenious plot that whites worked masterfully. No, even Trump himself said he was surprised his lies, taunts, insults, vulgarity and abject stupidity resulted in victory.

I often wondered what would happen if whites abandoned the traditional Democrat and Republican Parties simply deciding on the candidate they wanted and voted for him. I feared what would happen because I was certain their choice would be insensitive to the needs of the whole in favor of only whites. This is exactly what happened last November.

Whites have always pushed fringe or outsider candidates to the far right or far left insuring that a moderate wins. In Trumps case whites were willing to accept an extreme racist Alt-Right, Neo Nazi, White Nationalist nut over continuing the policies, however successful of a black man. Even white Democrats were on board led by the so called Bernie Bros.

Blacks had hopes of continuing Obama’s successful policies but whites had other ideas

The perception of a majority coupled with the belief that whites are superior and can do no wrong, usually caused them to split the vote allowing a few blacks to determine the outcome. The anger and fear whites had toward Obama was unique in that blacks-90% think whites are superior and as such can put racism and white supremacy into systems and institutions-were willing to do anything to heal the hurt we witnessed from our former Slave Masters.

I imagined the collective black race offering a “Massa are we sick?” to whites who had no justification in rejecting Obama or his successful policies, let alone the white female he chose to continue them, but they did reject both Obama and Hillary R. Clinton by allowing Trump to win 306 electoral college votes.

White Dems take comfort in Hillary’s popular vote win while blacks take comfort in appeasing whites who never supported the Nations most accomplished President-Obama only won 26% of White registered voters an all time low. Let’s not fool ourselves, whites wanted Trump. They put their race over their Country over Democracy. It was a slap in the face to Obama and the entire black race and culture.

While we accept and respect their decision we don’t accept their lying about #NeverTrump and their #NotMyPresident campaigns which are bogus. Secrecy about their intent to maintain white power for the next fifty years depends on playing dumb and acting like they didn’t want or vote for a monster.

As for the 98% Conservative owned MSM they are trying to distance themselves from Trump who according to the Federal Election Commission spent $18 million dollars on fake news stories online mostly on Facebook. The popular site has vowed to no longer feature fake news or sites but of course they’re a day late and a dollar short.

Meet The Press Host Chuck Todd, he of the “Not my job to report the truth or the facts” fame was contrite in a recent interview almost apologetic for his role in electing Trump. Todd was responsible for the hard right turn for MTP even changing the chairs on the set from black to GOP red.

I’m as black as any of us but I know our tendency to empathize with racists as opposed to sympathize with them can be deadly. I truly believe whites feel guilty, they elected an overt racist in response to the success of Obama. That said, they had a clear choice to continue the most successful policies in US history with a white Hillary in charge but balked in favor of hate.

If we as blacks ignore what whites have done to not just us but to this Country and to the billions of people of color on this planet then we are setting a very dangerous precedent that they will expect moving forward. Trump like Hitler, Nixon, Reagan & Bush before him will fail and when he does their first mind will be to blame Obama and his success.

To insure whites have learned their lesson we have to hold them accountable for Trump. Hillary gave up a privilege she will never get back by siding with Obama, she stuck her neck out not just for blacks but for the opportunity to prove Democracy works.  We cannot have a fake Democracy that only works for whites on the fringe. Never let whites off the hook for their choice to modify our system of Government that is designed for the many not just the few.


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  • Inspector Todd

    It’s 2017, and you’re still an idiot, Theron.
    Obama the most successful president in history?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    If by successful you mean successful at inheriting the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY mantle from Jimmy Carter, then yeah….he succeeded.
    Grow up, Cal…you’re getting too old to be this dumb.

    • Shut up you Dumb Racist NUT who the HELL you think you’re foolin’? Carter was better than any DUMB Racist President but he didn’t come close to Obama no White President did. You’re bitter and miserable what a wasted life. Man I bet it sucks to be you but its ALL YOUR FAULT. ~RB

      • Inspector Todd

        You responded.
        So I’ve already won.
        I whipped your azz on Twitter, and I’ll gladly whip it here if you like.
        RA’ CIST: 1. Any black man who still holds a grudge about slavery and chooses to hate the white man for no unfounded reason.
        2. Thinks blacks are superior.

        Here’s the deal, dipshit: I don’t believe whites are superior to blacks.
        But you’ve given proof that whites are superior to YOU. Not because you’re black, but because you are a complete DUMBASS.
        Bring it, Theron. I DARE ya.