Clinton: Half Trump Supporters Deplorable Racists…

Clinton's comment was only half true. Not half but all of Trumps supporters are Racist Deplorables Secretary Clinton was being Politically Correct. by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor

Clinton’s comment was only half true. Not half but all of Trumps supporters are Racist Deplorables. Secretary Clinton was being Politically Correct. by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor

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I was torn between the; Hillary is dying of a terminal illness and they don’t want the deplorables who want  a nut who brags about shooting people on 5th Ave to be President to know  and the; How dare Hillary call racist Batman, Safeway, Sandy Hook, South Carolina Church Shooters, Deplorable, faux outrage. It was only after Atlantic Magazine scribe Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an opinion piece entitled; How Breitbart Conquered the Media that I made my decision.

The Deplorables Win Out

The notion that anyone who’d support Donald J. Trump for president after Barack Obama wouldn’t be-as racist as can be is not only insulting its absurd.  What member of the Nazi Party wasn’t racist, bigoted? Which half of the Ku Klux Klan isn’t deplorable? The idea that there’s some other reason to join an organization with a stated purpose of murdering people who are deemed inferior by racists is by definition deplorable-unless you work in the Ninety-Eight percent Conservative Owned Main Stream Media and can’t tell the truth less you be fired on the spot.

Coats is spot on in his assertion that there are easily found facts that would prove Clinton’s claim true. Where he fails is in using Polls done by the very racists who can’t stand Obama cause he’s black as proof.  We don’t’ need a Poll to know of four-hundred and fifty years of; Slavery, Racism, Discrimination and Oppression based on race.

More recently the murders of black youth the violence at marathons and movie theater’s black churches etc.,  whites who simply feared the election of the first black president-do not want his chosen successor, even if she’s a white woman who once called blacks Super Predators who needed to be brought to heel. That’s before she embraced former KKK member Robert Byrd after he renounced the very racism that we’re all trying to dance around existing.


Oh no, Trump supporters aren’t Racists just Patriots f/the 17th Century

Coats points out, the 98% White Conservative owned MSM isn’t diverse enough to counter such asinine faux outrage that 50% of the Klan is deplorable, offering that black journalists(all three of them) scratched their heads as their white colleagues were incensed at Clinton’s charge. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews gave the week to Trump and the Neo Nazi’s because former President Jimmy Carter told him you never call anyone a racist because it doesn’t bother them and it will never endure them to vote for you.

Idiot Chris Hayes on his MSNBC show proclaimed; “The Trump campaign feels its hit the jackpot with Clinton’s comments”. Hayes then rolled the latest Trump Campaign ad where he defends the Racist Murderers & Sandy Hook Shooters as concerned Americans who just want to keep America safe. Other black journalists also backed Coats’ argument suggesting more diversity in the KLAN…I mean the newsroom would somehow solve the problem when that’s a pipe dream.

If the Myth of White Supremacy is a problem-and it is-then the solution is not more of it but less. Instead of demanding that racists own media hire more blacks, we have to stop spending our media backing money on entertainment properties and more on news and commentary.

“The only thing keeping blacks from investing in black owned news media is the belief by ninety-percent of blacks that whites are superior and there’s a System of White Supremacy that won’t allow black media to survive.”  ~RB

This is an erroneous assertion for a number of reasons; chief of which is historically the TRUTH is undefeated. Nothing’s gonna stop the truth about Trumps racist supporters that hasn’t already been revealed to come out. Even if Hillary is sick, that truth will come out whether or not the media tells the truth about it. The ratings for conservative owned MSM continue to remain at an all time low.  This condition is ripe for a black media outlet dedicated to the truth.

The New York Times  says Coats reportedly moved into a $2.1 million brownstone and I can’t be mad at him. Selling the myth of white supremacy and black inferiority is profitable. I refuse to believe that there’s no market at all for the truth when the only reason whites are pushing lies, is their cockamamie belief that if they get rid of us they won’t have to deal with their guilt from what they’ve done to us.

Indeed if whites can all do a Hillary-ease their white guilt and succeed-without having to shoot anyone on 5th Avenue or court David Duke and the Alt-Right, you telling me they wouldn’t be interested? If blacks didn’t have to scratch our heads every time the racists get offended cause we called them racist would interest us why not capitalize on that?

Coats was a guest on Hayes’ MSNBC All In Show  and was asked if the toothpaste of racism unleashed can be put back up in the tube. As expected he missed an opportunity to simply tell the truth; in the absence of a black owned media ready to call out racists they will continue to push their agenda at the expense of all reality and the American people.  With a viable black media they’ll think twice about arguing half of the Nazi Party can be appalled at being called deplorable.

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours.

Theron K. Cal Managing Editor,  RBRN

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