OMAR MATEEN: White Supremacist 1st Muslim 2nd


Orlando Night Club Shooter Omar Mateen was a White Supremacist first and a Muslim second. Not a racist who hated blacks but a supremacist who thought blacks inferior and thus President Obama helpless in the face of Republican opposition. He was dead wrong. By Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBRN


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I just knew it was the ninety-eight percent  white conservative owned media up to their usual Obama hating tricks when a white Hispanic Orlando shooting survivor recalled how Omar Mateen asked; “Are there any blacks in here?” According to the witness Mateen then yelled out, “I have no problem with the blacks, they’ve suffered enough in this Country already

My skepticism remained until I saw an interview with Patience Carter a 20 year old student, who called it the time of her life and the worst night of her life all in one.

Carter recalls hiding in a stall when Mateen burst into the bathroom and started shooting. Carter was hit in her legs. The shooting stopped then Mateen called out, “Are there any blacks in here?” In pain and too afraid to speak Carter remained silent but a young man in the stall next to her answered, “I’m black.”

The shooter then said, “I don’t have any problem with the blacks, you guys suffered enough, this is about my Country. ” Mateen left only to return again minutes later shooting Carter’s friend Akyra Murray who with Tiara Parker had made it safely out of the club only to return once realizing their friend Patience hadn’t made it out.

Parker was sparred a second time by calling out; “Don’t shoot me I’m black!” Murray bled out on the sidewalk-at 18 the youngest Orlando victim to be killed.

Hearing Patience Carter recount what the shooter had reportedly said did it for me-validating the earlier statements initially made by two Hispanic patrons who climbed a ladder into a small crawl space storage area over the bathroom.

Patience Carter, a victim in the Pulse nightclub shooting from Philadelphia, becomes emotional after giving her story during a news conference at Florida Hospital Orlando, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. Carter, a 20-year-old Philadelphian, was visiting Florida for the first time, vacationing with her two friends. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Patience Carter, a victim in the Pulse nightclub shooting from Philadelphia, becomes emotional after giving her story during a news conference at Florida Hospital Orlando, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. Carter, a 20-year-old Philadelphian, was visiting Florida for the first time, vacationing with her two friends. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

So if Omar Mateen wasn’t a racist Tea Party nut angry that the President is black and blacks are-as Dylan Roof had said before murdering nine worshipers in that South Carolina church-taking over, then what in the hell is goin’ on? Is it possible that the racists are right, Mateen’s a radicalized Islamic Jihadist?

The Short answer is hell no. Mateen is a White Supremacist let me explain; He doesn’t hate blacks like Dylan Roof or Donald Trump but he does believe President Obama is helpless and when he leaves office the anti-Muslim racists will take over and either ban all Muslims or start another war with Islam. Its what the Republicans keep clamoring for.

White Muslims like all whites are so much more their race before their religion at least politically. It stands to reason because our race is given to us at birth and is non-negotiable where as, the interpretation of our faith fluctuates at best flutters at worst. Its impossible for non-Muslims to understand but imagine being white and having Anglo Christian whites demonizing you to the point-let’s face it- that you are viewed by them as black?

Good luck finding actual data on the percentage of American-Muslims voted for President Obama but not one exit Poll has the number at less than 80%. I remember Muslims calling into the talk shows-before they went 100% Conservative-offering that because Obama’s father was Muslim he’d be more sympathetic to their cause.

Obama’s approach was to negotiate and forge deals, an approach that racists and even chief rival Hillary Clinton scoffed at in 2008. The strategy worked all too well.

Obama negotiated the Iran Nuclear Deal, ended combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan while devastating terrorists-mostly with drones as opposed to ground troops.  It was only after killing Osama Bin Ladin-depleting Al Qaeda and the Taliban thus promoting the JV(ISIS)-when concentrated air-strikes in the region were ordered.

The success of the Syrian air-strikes prompted discussions of renewed Afghan air-strikes in the wake of isolated but deadly suicide bomber attacks-at least five this month alone-killing and or wounding hundreds mostly in the Afghan capital city of Kabul.

This month President Obama authorized Air-Strikes in Orlando Shooters Afghanistan

This month President Obama authorized Air-Strikes in Orlando Shooters Afghanistan

Obama’s cerebral stealth-like approach to combat, allows racists to portray the nations most accomplished president as weak or even incompetent.  Talk radio has been relentless in its false information about Obama’s foreign policy mostly centering on the CIA’s drone program.

For obvious reasons drone targets are classified allowing racists to argue the Administration is targeting civilians, puppies and Leprechauns. Its not true but the last thing we want to do is tell the terrorists who we’re targeting and how.

Racists lie on Obama’s foreign policy with the full understanding if you don’t have family there you can’t refute the claims being made. If you do have family or friends there the rumor mill can be damning-there’s even less accurate information in Afghanistan than there is here.

The misinformation causes a once hopeful white Muslim community to lose faith in President Obama’s ability to implement the policies and promise of his Presidency. Its totally not true but far better to let Tea Party faithful think they’re blocking Obama policy than actually have them do it.

Nothing the President or the 2% of us in control of media not owned by Conservatives can do will stop the false propaganda coming from the Republican Party-to say nothing of the Bernie Bots who also smell blood with Obama being termed out. What we can do is allow racists think they’re blocking Obama’s initiatives or that he’s a lame duck.

Finally, does anyone really think ISIS wants to be associated with a gay homophobic killer? It makes them look as bad as the cause they claim to be fighting. Omar Mateen wasn’t radicalized-he didn’t die for any cause-he gave his life because he wrongly believed Obama was gonna fail paving the way for anti-Muslim Trump nuts who’d wreak even more havoc on his beloved Afghanistan.  Orlando happened because Mateen believed the Trump hype when these Idiots aren’t getting anywhere near the White House-that fact alone adds to the pain of this tragedy.

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours.


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  • Aleçàndreu Nicolò

    Dude… He was of Afghan descent… not Iberian/European (Hispanic, as you have posited). His name is not even etymologically derived from a European language, and 100% not from an Iberian Romance language such as Spanish, Portuguese, Galician or Catalan. I am in graduate school en route to becoming a foreign language professor, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, I specialize in Iberian languages, and my master’s will be in Luso-Hispanic linguistics. I do also speak Arabic, which has significantly influenced the vocabularies of those languages I listed via contact with the Moors, so I’m gonna give you that “out” as an excuse for the outrageous claim you made & for wasting my time with this article. His first name is derived from the Arabic word , which comes from a verb meaning “to live a long time”.
    “According to the 2010 United States Census, is the 32,994th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 694 individuals. Mateen is most common among Black/African American (60.37%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (23.34%) individuals.”
    Arabic is a Semitic language, and it belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family because it comes from AFRICA & ASIA… Not the Iberian Peninsula, which is in Europe! I will give you the point about him being white… but he’s not European white- he’s Iranian white. His father is a Pashtun, which is an Iranic ethnic group that mainly live in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also, you tagged “afganistan” when it should read “Afghanistan”… Language errors such as that sure do make me seem like an angry white male, but it’s okay because I have Hispanic, Greco-Roman, Mali-African, Jewish Israeli, Muslim Arab, Hindustani & Iranian blood to supplement my “white” skin, you fucking racist.
    human = human
    He was a self-loathing homosexual that chose to take his self-hatred out on the LGBT community; his homophobia was instilled in his mind via American society, but it became, obviously, a huge threat when it was combined with the brainwashing/indoctrination of religious radicalization. His “race”- merely a social construct reminiscent of slavery’s overall caste system such as that which the Spaniards subjected the Moors to & the British stole the idea of- has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I bet he ate poptarts too. So what? Poptarts make you constipated; they don’t cause you to shoot up nightclubs. His religion also has nothing to do with it because he was NOT even a Muslim; he prescribed to a form of Wahhabism, which is an extremist ideology under the guise of Islam that was created by the Saudi royal families & passed on to terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. How do you know if someone is a Wahhabi? Well, they will claim they are Sunni Muslim, and they will furthermore claim that they hate Jews, Shia, Kurds & especially non-heteronormative people, probably stating that they think all those groups should die “at the sword”. I hope this clears up your confusion, bub. <3 Peace & blessings.