Black Genius Endorses Hillary, Sanders Defiant

President Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laying down the gantlet for the Racist Marxist Trump Monsters by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBRN

President Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laying down the gauntlet for the Racist Marxist Trump Monsters by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBRN   

listen on TuneIN-OPINION  June 9, 2016

Yes it was expected but still- nothing is guaranteed. President Obama finally endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laying down the gauntlet for the Racist Marxist Trump Monsters who were hoping Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would help them erase America’s most accomplished president from the history books.

Sanders and his Communist Revolutionary Nut supporters were hoping to assert the myth of white supremacy to derail the efforts of Clinton-to become the first female President of the United States-but more importantly to send a message to whites that the most successful, effective policies in the history of America would not be continued.

The President met with Sanders earlier in the day following a call last week where he reportedly informed the admitted Socialist[which is the same thing as a Communist look it up] that he would be endorsing Clinton. Afterwards Sanders said the President supported his ideas and that there was no encouragement for him to drop out of the race.

None of this had to happen. When people lie they have to know that at some point and time blacks will find out and you’ll be molded. That Sanders took advantage of ninety-percent of blacks who hate their race and culture-think of whites as superior-is not our fault its his.

Just as I will never forget the 75% of white supremacist Dems who refused to vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012, I will never forget the white supremacist idiots who refuse to vote for Hillary simply because she’ll continue Obama’s success. For the black Bernie Bro’s most of whom will vote for Hillary-shes’ still white after all-they’ll be forgiven.

For those who had it wrong-as Obama’ so aptly put it- they’ll want to have the keys back after driving the car in the ditch and having us get the car out, will want the keys back but that won’t happen. They can ride but they’ll have to ride in the back seat.

As for the ninety-eight percent white conservative owned mainstream media that’s been trying to destroy Obama and his legacy from day one-as I’ve written before we can and will never accept the medias along with their fake polls ever again.

Finally, it won’t be easy but we can breath a little easier. The first hurdle has been crossed but there are many more on the horizon.

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours.

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  • LindaClaudine

    I support Obama. I was an at large delegate in 2008 all the way to state,where I gave up my national spot to a new voter because she had worked hard and was African- American. Texas had caucus system, and normally at first stage there are 6 of us. But in 2008 my precinct had over 125! Some had 1000! How exciting to see all these New Democrats! Knowing the complicated rules (lots of math), I refreshed my memory and brought notes. Well, Hillary’s supporters were not happy to have New Democrats. They were furious with me, an established Democrat, for working for Obama and helping the newbies. They tried every dirty trick in the book to steal delegates through the long process (3 levels). At State Chelsey gave a speech stating it was her mom’s concession speech (found out later not true as she was still working it); something told me to do the same. At State I had to stop everything in our group and go to the lawyers for a ruling OVER 50 TIMES. I was correct each time. Other groups (precincts were combined into Senatorial districts at State) came to me for advice.
    After the Convention, I was only invited to one County Democratic function when normally I was always invited. I have worked for and donated to the party since I was 16 (I am now 60). When the new voter suppression laws were enacted, I called the County Democratic office to see if we were calling all registered Democrats to make sure they knew what to do re new requirements (about 9 months prior to first election under them – our gubernatorial being the big one); they didn’t know though eventually it got done – so they said. I did all I could by telling people, but was told party didn’t need me. Obama had used me in 2012 – but he ran such a smart election: all I was asked to do was call two women (single, college-educated mid-50s) in the OH county that gave him his victory. So don’t say I don’t back him-WRONG! I have my huge stack of pictures, posters, his birth certificate etc. – all the stuff they send if you donate. But Hillary – I already had seen her tactics. I’ve read the OIG report, I worked in tech until retirement; she is dishonest and will do anything for money and power. I once admired her. But she’s a sell out. Bernie has a 40 year record of doing what he believes and not changing to suit the times. It actually saddens me as she could have done so much – but she is bought and paid for. And if you think Obama likes her, you are wrong. There are forces at play we know nothing about. I guess we will all find out some measure of the truth eventually. Peace.