White Kids: I Want To Be Black- So I Can Be President

Preschoolers reading books.

A University of Michigan Study found that White pre-schoolers want to grow up to be Black so that they can become President. Racists recoil I say don’t. By Theron K. Cal   

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-OPINION     May 20th 2016

(ANN ARBOR, MI) A University of Michigan study of pre-schoolers revealed a curious career choice for White toddlers; their hope to become Black when they grow up so that they can become President of the United States.

Steven Roberts, a U-M doctoral student and the study’s lead author along with Susan Gelman-professor of psychology and linguistics-originally set out to determine whether or not children of two different age groups were conscious of race and whether or not kids thought a person’s race played a role in whether or not they grew up to be happy as adults or angry Black people.

Angry White kid

STUDY: White Kids 5-6 think they can grow up to be Black and become President.

What the pair found-was older children ages 9-10 fully understood that regardless of the emotion displayed- a Black child would grow into a Black adult. The revealing discovery was White pre-schoolers ages 5-6 offered, White kids could grow up to be Black and thus President of the United States.

I was turned onto the CBS News story-originally aired on Detroit’s local affiliate-by some racists on Twitter who saw the story as one more tragic outgrowth of electing the Nations first Black genius…I mean President.

While many Whites view the notion of White kids thinking of the Presidency as only available to Blacks as a bad thing- I look at it differently.

Not lost on me is the fact that White adults-one a college professor at that-undertaking a study based on the stereotype of an angry black child growing into an angry Black adult, who blames Whites for Slavery and 450 years of racial discrimination and White guilt is flawed. Yet the idea that a new generation of White kids will grow up not trying to oppress and discriminate against Blacks but aspire to be like Obama- isn’t really that bad when you think about it.

Its obvious to me that Whites that grew up focusing on hurting and harming Blacks shudder at a generation of Whites who view Blacks not as their arch enemy but as something to aspire to. I can’t be mad at those White kids. Will it last? No, because when Hillary’s inaugurated they’ll quickly realize being Black is not a necessary component to be President but that’s OK- as the seed will have been planted giving us all hope for a better tomorrow.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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