West Point Sista’s In Hot Water- Black Power Salute

Sixteen black women under investigation for this photo at West Point. Who's Freedom are we really protecting? My thoughts by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor RBRN

Sixteen black women under investigation for this photo at West Point. Who’s Freedom are we really protecting? My thoughts by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor RBRN  

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-OPINION     5/11/2016

(UPDATE) Investigators have cleared the Sista’s of any wrong doing. Let’s hope they came to the same conclusion I did that blacks can have pride in both their race and culture and their Country. It makes what follows prophetic.

(West Point) My first thought was, its an act of defiance so they should be punished, but on second thought why would a show of black empowerment be incongruent with the honor of serving this great Country? Were the Tuskegee Airmen any less patriotic because of the camaraderie surrounding their pride in their race?

Military rules prohibit political activity while in uniform. West Point is investigating to see if this rule was violated. Apparently photos in full uniform are customary of graduating classes. There was another photo of these same women with no fists in the air. It was only after this picture was circulated and white cadets began to question whether or not the ban on political activity had been violated.

Many complained the photo was reminiscent of Black Lives Matter protesters. To my knowledge the Sellouts married to whites or hate black men have never been shown with their fists in the air. My observation of BLM is they try to get as far away from anything black as possible. In fact their protest is mainly that President Obama is black and is making their choice to marry white or be gay look bad.

If in fact the investigation does reveal not a political motive-because racial pride is not a political endeavor-but solidarity in racial pride, instead of being punished they should be awarded the Medal of Honor. How does one defend their Nation and they have no sense of pride in who they are and how that Nation has treated them?

I’m not insensitive to the; fear, anger, resentment, envy  and guilt whites have that the Commander and Chief of the United States military is successful and UN-apologetically black. I however, reject the notion that America’s achievement that is Barack Obama was only for black people or that its a slap in the face or dig at whites.


Some at West Point seem to think all Black shows of pride are #BLM that’s not true.

In a perfect world the white cadets would come up with their own non-effacing jester that would equally show their pride in their race and Country. Sadly, whites are too bitter and angry to consider their patriotism, even if only in the fact that black women-a group that has been excluded from places like West Point for many years-are able to achieve what their parents and grand parents could only imagine.

In conclusion, at the very least one can hope that the white investigators and cadets who complained would find no wrong doing. Blacks having pride in our race and culture is not inconsistent with our love of this Country and our counting our blessing to be citizens of this Nation. In deed they are one in the same.

Those are my thoughts as usual I welcome yours.


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