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Racists in the UK lit up Twitter as the fear their Blacks will rise up-leave their White spouses and demand equality like Blacks in the U.S. have-continues to make Brits nervous. By Theron K. Cal, Managing Editor RBRN


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(Los Angeles) President Obama ended his UK trip as scheduled yesterday giving the racists and bigots in Great Britain a lot to ponder. Forget any of the stated reason’s for Obama’s visit this is the Kobe Bryant farewell tour and the whites who’ve been hating him from day one fear he my scorch em’ for 60 points as a wonderful parting gift.

Conservatives in the UK(the entire country is Conservative) use the same lame excuses as the racists here. They claim to oppose Obama on policy points but when you look at Obama’s success due to those very policies his detractors dance and do the splits reminiscent of Prince.  There are two main lies…I mean excuses…I mean policy issues they claim to oppose.

The first is something dubbed Briexit, which would by popular vote mandate Great Britain leave the European trade union(EU)-which is some ole’ isolationist nonsense that even Prime Minister David Cameron is against. Obama makes the argument that trade deals outside of the EU could take 5 to 10 years to get done slowing down the process and ultimately hurting trade putting both countries at an economic disadvantage.

The second is The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)-which like the TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership)-would provide much needed jobs and income to its nation partners. The lame brain argument against TTIP is the ridiculous claim that other Nations don’t have the same environmental and or labor standards as the U.S. and Great Britain and will send the wrong message of putting profits before the environments or control over a sovereign Nations labor practices.

These arguments are stupid for a number of reasons; Hurting other Nations financially doesn’t help their envoirmental standards or their labor conditions. Without Europe and the U.S. the environment and workforce of member nations are far worse than they are if we join these partnerships allowing our nations a say in the envoirmental and labor standards of countries participating.

So let’s cut the crap, the reason they oppose these deals is because Obama’s Black and racists can’t stand him. You doubt me? Real some of these Tweets:

The was the #ObamaInUK hashtag not the #F-Obama one.

The was the #ObamaInUK hashtag not the #F-Obama one.


And shame on the black Idiots both in the UK and those transplanted here who remain silent as these UK racists insult the Nations more accomplished President.  All but one of these Tweets were negative[one person thanked the President for coming].  I saw a Tweet with a Part-Time bi-cultural Sista’ that asked Obama a question but I can’t find it on-line only a pic on Twitter.

She probably asked him why he didn’t marry a White woman? We must speak out when racism rears its ugly head we can’t give any of these fools a pass. I know we’re tired of the hate but we’re at the crossroads they’re tired of the lie of their superiority.

Obama must a thought; "If racism were helium the UK would float away"

Obama must a thought; “If racism were helium the UK would float away”








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