Politico: Bernie Sanders To Spend $28M In Attack Ads In May

Politico reporting the Sanders campaign has purchased $28M in ads attacking Hillary’s judgment and character. By Theron K. Cal, Managing Editor RBRN


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POLITICO:  “Bernie Sanders plans to spend $28 Million in Hillary attack ads in the next 30 days”

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Dear True Progressive:

This isn’t good.

Politico reports that the Sanders campaign has just thrown down another MASSIVE $28 Million ad buy in five of THE BIGGEST legislative battleground states in the country.

That’s on top of the $200 million worth of Hillary attack ads we’re already expecting from Karl Rove and his Super Pack network.

This scrambles everything. We need to raise $75,000 THIS WEEKEND to fund a rapid response, or this new Bern Bro spending could DESTROY our candidates up and down the ballot. Media coverage is not counted but its effects can add up to millions of dollars in free publicity for candidates. To be competitive we must be as vigilant in supporting media that endorses Hillary as much as we are in supporting her campaign.  Please donate and spread the word let’s finish the race.
Theron K. Cal Managing Editor


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