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If there were anything Democratic about a Communist Revolution would there be a need for a Revolution? Like Keith Sweat said, “Somethin’ Just Ain’t Right”  by Theron K. Cal , Managing Editor RBRN


-OPINION  March 28th 2016

Los Angeles-By now we’ve heard presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders proclaim his Socialism is not like actual Socialism which according to Marxism is the transition government to Communism. That brings up the issue of just what is Democratic Socialism or do we have to elect Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump to find out?

The first and logical stop to get a handle on Democratic Socialism is to pay a visit to Bernie Sanders dot com to see if there’s any explanation or clarification. After numerous solicitations for donations-methods that I’ll be borrowing for this site- I was taken to the Bernie Sanders for President store and encouraged to spend more money.

“One might think this Democratic Socialism thing looks a lot like the Amazon marketplace.” ~RB 

After striking out at Bernie’s website I decided to get more literal and shoot for the actual Website for the Revolutionary Communist Socialist Party which I found here(back there): OK now we’re getting somewhere. Bernie is open about his support for former Cuban President Fidel Castro and his honeymoon in Communist Russia.

I didn’t understand it at first but I do now. Socialism is related to Communism by virtue of Communists having weapons of mass destruction which is far more persuasive then non-violent forms of diplomacy.

“The RCP(Revolutionary Communist Party) holds that U.S. imperialism will never end peacefully, and that the only way for people to liberate themselves is through Communist revolution.~RCP

CRP Hijacks Trayvon Martin Protests

CRP Hijacks Trayvon Martin Protests

This is their mission statement-no wonder Bernie didn’t make mention of it at his website. But that’s them, how can you tie that to Senator Sanders who in Chicago in 1962 joined the Civil Rights Movement? OK(glad you asked), because on that very same Revolutionary Communist Party Website you’ll find that the Communist Party in the United States started in Chicago in surprise…1962.

The formal World Communist Revolution started in 1985 but the modern U.S. version began in 1962. So I ask again was Bernie actually joining the Civil Rights Movement when he joined the Communist Revolution or was he simply using an existing Black Civil Rights movement-that had major momentum- Communist Revolutionaries simply wanted to take advantage of?

I went to see noted Obama bashers and Bernie Sanders supporters Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley at a Temple here in Los Angeles and before we hit the front door, was the Communist Socialist Revolutionary Party with their newspaper calling for a Communist takeover of the U.S. Government. I was like WTF?

I saw the Justice for Trayvon march moving down Wilshire headed towards Lemiert Park so I jump in near the front and sure enough the march was being led by the Communist Socialist Revolutionary Party. I was disgusted by time they hit the Shaw(Crenshaw Blvd) I was outta there.

There is no doubt Blacks in the 60’s flirted with Communism as a means to enact Socialism through “Any Means Necessary” but the history is clear that a non-violent non-military and indeed non-Communist or Socialist strategy won out. For Sanders to make the claim that he was joining a Civil Rights Movement and not a Communist Socialist one is simply dishonest.

It works in other all White Countries why not here?

It works in other all White Countries why not here?


In 1985 Bernie Sanders surprised many winning elected office in his new hometown of Burlington Vermont. It was surprising because Bernie ran not as a Democrat or Republican but as a Socialist. He was an Independent Socialist. He offered this explanation at the time.

“What am I trying to do in this campaign is to tell Americans what many of them don’t know: that the benefits for working people are a lot, lot stronger in many other countries around the world,” ~Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders 1985

We not only have to pay attention to what Sanders is saying we have to be open to the fact that the ideology he’s expressing is one in which Communist revolutionaries actually believe.

In the above Sanders touts the virtue of Communism and Socialism in White homogeneous Countries. Not that he’s oblivious to the hundred million people of color or White ethnicities in the United States but the belief that only White lives matter.

How did these Communist and Socialist Countries become so homogenized(White or Asian) without systematically rooting out those who aren’t the same race and ethnicity of those in power? Regardless of how they got rid of their Obama’s, Oprah’s-Real Brother Radio Networks-is that really the system of Government we want here?

“How many Americans know that in virtually every major industrialized country people are guaranteed vacation time, paid vacation time? That when you have a baby, moms and dads are guaranteed … family leave?”~Mayor Bernie Sanders 1985

My argument against Senator Sanders vs.  Hillary Clinton is Obama punched her in the nose so hard in 2008,  I believe without a doubt her positions on White Supremacy myths and Blacks as Super Predators have changed. Can we say the same for Bernie?

Case in point, his 2016 claim that Black and Female politicians who’ve been successful are thus “corrupt” and owned by large banks and financial institutions. Charges that sound eerily familiar to what Sanders was saying in 1985.

Garrison Nelson, a professor of political science at the University of Vermont, has observed Sanders throughout his political career.

“This is not communism; this is not five-year plans, collectivized agriculture and nationalized industry,” he said.

garrison nelson, known Sander’s since the 80’s

Back in 1981 when Sanders was first elected mayor of Burlington, Nelson said reporters from Europe called him because what they viewed as normal in politics was considered an aberration in the States.

“It’s a relatively mild, I would say a vanilla socialism,” Nelson said Sanders told them. “It’s basically focused on big businesses, and capitalist inequalities.

How difficult was it for Hillary Clinton to simply say she no longer believes in those ideas and actions? Bernie’s not thinking of walking any of his 1962 rhetoric back and that in and of itself should give us pause. While we can’t confirm there have been numerous reports the Republican brain trust is doing everything they can to insure Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination.

The same fake polls that had former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney over then President Obama have Sanders doing better than John Kasich who like Sanders has no mathematical path to the nomination. The game is to suppress voter turnout knowing White voters who support Sanders won’t turn out to vote for Hillary.

So its time to answer the question as to Sanders claim that his Democratic Socialism is different from the Communist Revolutionary Party Socialism that is touted on the CRP website? For that answer let’s again refer to the Party’s official website: “The CRP holds that U.S. Imperialism will not end peacefully…we are calling for violent Communist revolution…we seek to dispel myths and misinformation about Communism and Socialism.” ~CRP Website

Given what these people are saying I can’t accept that putting the word Democratic in front of Neo Nazi Fascism would make it any less undesirable. That Sanders would hold such arcane beliefs in 2016 is no less than amazing. That a small minority of American’s hate the fact of a successful black president that much   they’d consider making him president is worse.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.





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