Clinton, Cruz gain delegates in Northern Marianas, Guam caucuses

QUAM Primary


-Breaking News March 12th, 2016 CNN

Hillary Clinton has won the first-ever Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses, according to final results from the local Democratic Party.

Clinton received 102 total votes (54%), compared to 65 votes for Bernie Sanders (34%). An additional 22 votes were cast for “uncommitted.”

The former secretary of state picked up four additional delegates with her win, while Sanders earned two delegates. Clinton already had the support of an unpledged superdelegate from the Northern Marianas.

This is Clinton’s 14th victory in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination and her second in a U.S. territory. She won the American Samoa caucus on Super Tuesday, March 1. Bernie Sanders has won nine contests, most recently his upset victory over Clinton in Michigan on March 8.

Voting was held Saturday evening on the islands Tinian, Saipan, and Rota. It was the only Democratic contest held this weekend.

Also on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz picked up a delegate from the Guam Republican Caucuses. The other five delegates elected at the event remain uncommitted. Wyoming and the District of Columbia will hold GOP contests later Saturday.

  • Haroldl Clayton

    Why doesn’t anyone discuss Bernie Sanders and Rev. Jesse Jackson Operation Push/Rainbow Coalition that initially helped to jump start now Sen. Sanders political career in 1981 during his mayoral run for Burlington,Vermont . If my memory serves me correctly then Mayor Bernie Sanders switched allegiance from 1984 Democratic Primary candidate Jesse Jackson to Gary Hart and Jesse wasn’t too pleased !