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-RBR Network Affiliates Program

You’re supposed to hire the big Agency and spend $500,000  per year on your advertising campaign and sell millions of units and live happily ever after. We all know the reality is you never do that because if you did have half a million dollars the last thing you’d do is spend it on advertising.

With that in mind we created; RBR Network Affiliate Marketing Program.  Its a win win for your Black business and ours. Here’s how it works. You refer businesses to us that are interested in advertising their products or services.  They get a 20% discount over our posted ad rates and you get 20% of their campaign as a spiff.

Its the ideal set up for companies who’s business is promoting and compiling a data base of Black businesses. All you have to do is sign up(its free) by sending me an–  we’ll send you a banner with your own special Promo Code which your referral will use when they make their ad purchase.

Many businesses do just fine without advertising but those that do advertise do a heck of a whole lot better. One of our original sponsors UrbanPix,  just had a few subscribers when they joined us in 2011. Today they have many thousands of subscribers and RRB Network is the only media they advertise on. Likewise Quick Mart started out with just one store and today they’re pushing toward 50.

This program works even if you don’t have a Black business data base but simply a lot of followers or contacts that themselves own businesses. We have packages that start at $200 on up to $2,040 for sponsorship’s.

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The best advice we ever got was to find people who have the same audience and not just network but partner up with them.

We have access to over a million affluent African-Americans through our radio platform, why not use that to promote your and other Black businesses? The fact that 98% of MSM is owned and operated by White Conservatives can be used to our advantage. Our experience teaches us that while all of our businesses are different we have one common goal; to thrive and we do that, not by viewing each other as competitors but as allies.

When you request your promo code we’ll also send out our current RATE CARD. You can keep this for yourself if you wish to advertise with us(which we encourage) or if those in your data base request information. Don’t forget to tell them to use your unique promo code but don’t worry if they don’t, you’ll still get credit as long as they mention your business as the one who referred them.


We at RBR Network are hitting the ground running. 2016 is a big election year and we intend to be the only place where people can actually get the truth about the candidates and issues. Remember 98% of MSM is gonna be lying about Republicans having a chance. They’ll be fake Polls showing people in the lead who aren’t even close. We’re gonna be ready will you?

Again, just email us requesting a promo code, we’ll send it along with our current rate card and a unique banner that you can send out or place. When your referral results in an Ad Sale you get 20% deposited into your Pay Pal. If you don’t have Pay Pal you’re still good even if we have to send a check we can accommodate.

We know that not everyone is interested in advertising with a network dedicated to the truth but like us there are plenty of companies that see the value and benefit for our unique audience. If this is you or someone you know then by all means let’s get better acquainted.




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  • Jamie Schattenwolf

    I love how you block people (on Twitter) who expose your lies and deception. It’s amazing that you have any followers at all. It’s obvious that no one who listens to your “Radio Show” takes you seriously. You are nothing but a big joke. If that’s what you’re aiming for, you’ve achieved it.

    • You have no argument you want to frustrate me to the point to where you can justify harming me. I’m not going to let you destroy my family just so you can feel Superior.You’re dumb as FUCK you don’t want to listen. You STUPID is not my fault its yours. GTFOH