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BUSINESS    September 8, 2015


Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBR Network

Greetings, hope all had a great Labor Day, I certainly did. I can’t front I was anxious to get back to work pushing to find the capital necessary to resume live programming by my October target date. I’m confident it can be done but we aren’t quite there yet.

I’m looking to raise $100,000 dollars seed money, operating expenses to expand the network in order to make a play for some of the estimated $13.6 Billion dollars spent on urban advertising(Google Est.) this year ahead of the 2016 elections. I’m open to any and all offers with the exception of those involve changing the format.

The Real Brother Radio Network was founded on the truth, no amount of money will deter me from that mission statement. I truly believe that the 98% White Conservative owned MSM is wrong and will be forced to rethink their advocacy of failed White Supremacist ideology when our network is fully funded.

Ideally, investors will purchase shares in the company in $10,000 dollar lots, yet I’m open to other arrangements.

I fully understand that only 10% of Blacks and .1% of Whites value the Black Race, Culture and reject the myth of White Supremacy, making funding for a network dedicated to advancing the Democratic principals of Racial Equality and Social Justice difficult. Yet I also know, difficult doesn’t mean impossible.


RBR Network Ad Rates As Low As $20 Per Month

If you own or know of someone who owns a Black themed business, our ads are as low as $20 DOLLARS per month for a thirty-second spot only $50 DOLLARS for a sixty-second spot. Your ad will run for an entire month for as low as $20 you can’t beat that anywhere.

We aren’t banking on small companies to carry us, we want the big fish but will accept any opportunity to help smaller companies like Quick Mart Holdings, Urban Pix and Pacific Electronics who’ve been very loyal to us over the years.

If the above two options are not for you, we continue to operate our #DONATE8 fundraising initiative. You can donate in denominations of 8 at the main page of this site or on a monthly basis at;

The first order of business is to find a problem and fix it. The problem is; 98% of MSM is owned by White Conservatives who are lying to us about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders being the front runners for President, just as they lied to us in 2012 about Romney being ahead of Obama in the Polls. The fix is a truly independent Black owned network dedicated to the truth. I look forward to working with you to achieve that end.


This is not an offer to sell or solicit any security and or stock. The above is for informational and educational purposes only.

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