Did Rachel Dolezal Stumble On A Cure For White Guilt?



-Opinion  5/16/2015  by Theron K. Cal Managing Editor

I wouldn’t write on this topic if there wasn’t an important angle that everyone is either missing or trying to sweep under the rug as they push the system of White Supremacy nonsense.

There’s no question about it Rachel Dolezal’s outing and subsequent resignation as Spokane Chapter NAACP President is one of those stories begs for a Real Brother to comment.

The reason I’m so at odds with Black PhD’s, talk show hosts and other Black academics misleading-and in many cases down right lying about why Whites are killing people because the Presidents Black-is the simple fact that people who are superior aren’t’ killing people who they cant’ compete with.

NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks said in essence; “The fact that we felt more comfortable around a White girl than we would a real sista’ doesnt’ matter.” Come on bruh.


Brooks “The fact we prefer her to a Real Sista’ doesnt’ matter”

As Blacks, we come from an ancient African culture that has learned to take people at their word for expressing their honest and true feelings. It allowed us to survive for thousands and possibly millions of years by not allowing large groups of our population to get disgruntled over perceived inequalities.

Of course this empathy with the feelings and thoughts of others was just what the doctor ordered for Whites who live and die by lying, using it as a strategy. There are few Blacks who supported President Obama who can’t sense that Whites are feeling guilty about their historical treatment of Blacks.

In spite of what we know to be true Whites to a man-and woman- deny that they feel any guilt what so ever from slavery and the subsequent four-hundred and fifty years of racism, oppression and discrimination that followed. There’s no question in my mind that the spat of murders and bombings that have occurred since Obama’s election are a direct result of the guilt Whites claim to not have.

None of us want to believe that Whites are literally killing people because Obama’s running circles around them so when they deny it we’re all too eager to accept their denial. Only when we have video of a racist cop in McKinney Texas doing a TJ Hooker roll then pulling out his gun are we reminded of the stark reality.

Was I really the only one saw that not one person at that Pool Party reached for the gun or said, “You’re gonna die tonight homey” or put their hands up and said, “don’t shoot” (or broke the racist liars eye socket)?

“No they did as Trayvon and Mike Brown did they ran for their lives only this time they actually were successful in getting away. ” ~RB

So my point is, if what we know to be true is true and Whites are killing people because they lost an election to a Black genius, the larger question is why? And there’s certainly racism and the myth of White Supremacy especially when the acts of racism involved murder and breaking Freddy Grey’s back or choking Eric Garner to death.

Yet of the ninety-percent of Whites who’d never kill someone Black they’re still White and they’re still human and as such share the same DNA as those who’ve perpetrated 450 years of tyranny and hate based solely on race. So while Rachel Dolezal  doesn’t’ come off as racist at all, she still feels White guilt.

Please don’t get me wrong, George Zimmerman is a hard core racist as are former officers Darrin Wilson and that cop who choked the life out of Garner. Yet we have to separate racism from White guilt. I estimate ten-percent of Whites are racist but all Whites suffer from White guilt.

As Blacks we will never know the pain associated with having ancestors who enslaved and slaughtered six-hundred million Africans but we do know what pain feels like and even guilt.


Dolezal stumbled on the way to ease White guilt?

I don’t care about Dolezal taking it too far. I want to talk about the basic idea that helping Blacks instead of stalking and killing them is a better way to ease White guilt. Could she have found what so many before her have figured out that the best way to ease White guilt is to help not harm?

How I measure the success of Whites in easing their personal-important because it cant’ be done as a race endeavor-torment is whether or not they do it again and again. When David Axlerod took a long shot Harold Washington and helped him become the first Black Mayor in the city of Chicago and then years later steered Obama to his historic election.

I don’t expect George Zimmerman will be following any Black teens coming out the 7-11 anytime soon. Indeed Dolezal keeping the charade up for years on end would speak to the effectiveness of her-for lack of a better word-strange way she found to ease her White guilt.

Could she be on to something? I think so. Certainly what eased Dolezal’a guilt wasn’t her running around in Black face as much as her service to the Black community which could be emulated by all Whites if not by these Stacy Dash’s and GOPBlackChick’s running round here hatin’ on Obama.

I’d love for someone to ask Dolezal when and how she discovered a way to ease her White guilt and how do we get some to all White people? Wouldn’t our society be a much better place if instead of trying to exterminate the Black race Whites were fighting the good fight? I could only hope.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

Theron K. Cal Managing Editor,

Real Brother Radio Network


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