Black Media’s PhD Problem, Let’s Talk

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Theron K. Cal Managing Editor RBRN

My problem with a PhD’s education-not unlike our Journalism education-they are educated by White Supremacists who sell the notion of their genetic & intellectual superiority.

So you’re taught to psychoanalyze Black people to look down on your own community  & culture but not to analyze the very Professors who are lying to you about how superior they are and their culture is to yours.

As Journalists we’re taught the Five W’s; 1)Who 2)What 3)Where 4)When and 5)Why.  If you don’t put those 5 W’s in the first paragraph of your story- be it in print or broadcast then you FLUNK. Mrs. Spradline use to give us a big fat “F”.

That includes any evaluation of your Professors, Teachers, Superiors as well as those in your community peer group etc. So instead of evaluating only people not in your educational class and above, we’re taught the 5 W’s apply to each and every encounter including these debates on YouTube.

Had a long conversation with Tariq Nasheed  of the Hidden Colors movies on Twitter. I told him our PhD’s are getting Black men & boys killed by telling and teaching them that Whites are Superior and can put that Superiority into “Systems” and “Institutions”.

So when the police stop a Brother he says, “Yes sir, OK sir(Yessa Massa)” and the second he complies with the request for his license and information or agrees to the illegal search he’s shot, panics, runs and its another tragic story.

Black PhD's won't analyze their peers or mentors

Black PhD’s won’t analyze their peers or mentors

The PhD trained not to psychoanalyze the racist monster frustrated because President Obama has called into question the myth of White Supremacy-which is the foundation of their very existence-argues,  “See, its a System of Racism, White Supremacy!”

No, the reality is its a System of White racist stupidity and the 5W’s of Who, What, Where, When & Why bare that out. My training not only allows me to assess the facts as it pertains to the White Officer and to his victim, as well as the Black PHD or Journalist saying, “Why did he run? Why didn’t he just obey? Why didn’t he just turn White?”

After listening to you Idiots blaming Black victims for wearing their Hoodies, pants hangin’ off their ass, using the N-word or watching the TV Show Empire, they just knew how to comply in a way that would let the officer know he’s superior, I’m not one of “them” so please don’t shoot me.

Its that very compliance and naivete’ that gets Black men and boys shot. If at that  point their instincts take over and they run-rather than get riddled 137 times by a racist who’s anything but superior. That initial mistake of thinking Whites are Superior and if I acknowledge that, they won’t shoot me that costs so many Black men their lives.

I called Carl Nelson when Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was on and said as much and when I hung up the first thing she said was, “Well if the police pull him over they’ll shoot him cause he doesn’t realize its a System of Racism & White Supremacy.”

All I could think about was the more than 10 times I’ve been arrested and survived to tell about it because I knew damn good and well they weren’t superior and wouldn’t think twice about shooting me if I was DUMB enough to turn my back to them or give them any lame brain ass excuse to murder me.

So while I have much respect for you PhD’s with all due respect there are 10% of us out here who embrace our Black Race & Culture and reject the myth of White Supremacy. Our voices and contribution to the debate should be heard just as loudly as the PhD’s who’s unwillingness to apply the 5 W’s to themselves is doing far more damage than good.

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours. #BlackMediaMatters


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