Announcing RBRN #BlackMediaMatters Campaign



-BREAKING NEWS  June 5, 2015  RBR Network

by Theron K. Cal 

We’re excited to announce the Black Media Matters campaign hashtag #BlackMediaMatters. I started the hashtag when the racist Cops were acting up in Ferguson Missouri after they murdered Mike Brown, lied about it demonized and vilified him.

I was proud to see it catching on. It started on Twitter but quickly moved over all social media especially after the racists own Twitter and Facebook suspended my accounts when I called for prosecutions of the racist and sellout cops in Baltimore after the murder of Freddy Gray.

When White Conservatives buy up ninety-eight percent of MSM hell bent on destroying President Obama and that fails they then turn to the Nations police forces to start shooting Blacks and breaking spines and all kinda’ other nonsense, is now or never for Black media.

The first question we ask is what constitutes Black Media? Can the 98% White Conservative owned media corporations that own all the Black Networks other than Oprah’s be Black media when Whites own it? The answer is yes.


#BlackMediaMatters for issues in Black media

Black media for the purposes of our #BlackMediaMatters campaign consists of Black reporters, anchors, talk show hosts anyone or anything Black. Its not about ownership or Black faces and voices. Of course control of the message and medium are important but not necessary.

I have to run lead on this because I’m all about the truth and the ninety percent of Black Idiots who hate their own Black race and culture and worship Whites as superior will hijack the hashtag and swear up and down its part of the “System of White Supremacy“.

Finally, #BlackMediaMatters is not just for Blacks I’ve seen racists using the hashtag-usually to spite me-when they think they’re making a point that 2+2=7. Yet, for however dumb White people may be they are welcome to use the hashtag to comment on issues related to Black media.

The more people use the hashtag the more awareness we in Black media receive. May the truest argument win. Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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  • Donavon Dilling

    That’s a lie. You didn’t start the #blackmediamatters hashtag. Proof right here:

    • Donavon Dilling’s Racist hate is maniacal its a sick vicious hate born of White Guilt and Stupidity. I’d know if I thought of a freakin’ hastag geesh. TKCAL

    • OK, I brought the hashtag to MY social media I had no access to other social media that was using it. I understand the Racist hate is acute I wouldn’t want a Monster to murder my family or anything. #BlackMediaMatters #Donate8 TKCAL