Black Talk Radio: Dying A Slow Death?



By Theron K. Cal Managing Editor,  RBR Network

Its weird I haven’t done this sooner.  I often write about how the 98% White Conservative owned mainstream media is lyin’ and Fox Newsin’ social media bannin’ me cause I’m knockin’ racists out.

Yet I haven’t talked about the Black Talk Radio landscape where 90% of Blacks hate their Black race and hip hop culture and think of the White race as superior and as such able to put their racism & White supremacy into a system and or institution.

I don’t really think Black Talk Radio is facing a slow death I actually think Blacks will realize that the truth has value and will stop lying and misleading people as they realize lying and misleading people has negative consequences.

The lie that Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing  & Scotty Reid & them tell is that its a System of White Supremacy & Racism that allows clever Whites to stop Obama from winning twice or Michael Jordan from winning six times and prevents Oprah to have her OWN Network and earn over two Billion dollars.

Of course the weak 90% of Blacks who’ve bought into this nonsense eat it up and pay Dr. So N’ So enormous fees to mislead them. Meanwhile I’m telling the truth that the dumbest people on the planet aren’t shooting up Batman movies, Safeway’s and Sandy Hook Elementary School because they’re superior.

Carl Nelson, lyin' misleadin' FoxNewsin'

Carl Nelson, lyin’ misleadin’ FoxNewsin’

Mark my words, in ten years you won’t have an audience if you go on the air talkn’ bout Whites are superior when they’re less than 5% of people in positions of power. No the power will rest with people who embrace their Black Race & Culture & reject the myth of White supremacy.

In conclusion that Black hosts who think this lying and misleading people telling them only what they expect to hear and not the truth is bad for business and its not the way of the future. Please stop it.

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


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