Tea Party Nut Boston Bomber Sentenced To Death

Boston Bomber Sentenced



-Opinion May 16, 2015 by

Theron K. Cal Managing Editor, RBR Network 

It was a bitter sweet verdict in Boston as a jury of twelve White Supremacists-who think of the Black race and culture as degenerate and inferior-rendered a sentence of death on Boston bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

It took only 14 hours for the unanimous verdict to be read.  My problem was with the fact that to get a conviction Attorney General Eric Holder-who handed the verdict off to his successor Loretta Lynch-had to accept the lie that radical Islam was the motive for the bombings.

The bad taste in my mouth was shortly after the bomb went off when racists own 98% of our MSM advanced the lie that the suspects were Dark Skinned Islamic Terrorists. When we saw the pictures of the Tsaraev brothers we knew we’d been had by these racists in the MSMS again.

Key to destroying America to prove the myth of White Supremacy, is that nobody knows that racist Tea Party Nuts are behind these violent mass murders. Its so childish and wrong. The roommates of the bombers were recently tried and also convicted for obstructing justice for their role in dumping the computers of the Tsaraev brothers.

Alex Jones

Did Jones send out the call for terror sans guns?

When the FBI discovered their laptops they found information tying the bombers to racist NRA spokesman and Tea Party Nut Alex Jones. The NRA was catching hell because the preferred Anti-Government weapon of choice was the gun.

The Tsaraev brothers were in my opinion, recruited by Jones at the request of the NRA to commit a domestic act of terror with a weapon that would take the heat off the Gun Lobby, while still shaming Obama by having a terrorist act on his watch.

Nobody(with any sense) believes that bombing the Boston Marathon is an indictment of President Obama or vindication that guns don’t kill people. The troubling fact is that we can’t tell the truth as to the real motive of the bombing which all but insures that this kind of attack will happen again.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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